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Top 10 Ways To Prevent Overeating

man hamburgerOvereating has become a huge problem these days and I know we are all guilty of it every now and then. The majority of Americans eat due to boredom or depression. By keeping ourselves busy, active, and out of stressful/depressing situations, we can beat this phenomenon.

Overeating not only causes rapid weight gain, but high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease, or even a ruptured stomach can be result. Serving sizes have been blow out of proportion these days and can actually be rather scary. Below are the recommended serving sizes as well as a few helpful tips to prevent overeating. (more…)

5 Weight Loss Rules You aren’t Following

If you are like most people out there trying to lose weight, chances are you aren’t doing at least a few of these five weight loss strategies on a regular basis. Check your behaviors against this list and let me know how you measure up!angry dieter

1. Dieting at Night – The key to weight loss is eating, believe it or not. You need to fuel your body with healthy food during the day, starting with breakfast and have a lighter dinner; then let the dieting begin right when you are winding down. I usually tell my clients to focus on “protein and produce” at dinner. Swap your salad at lunch for a tuna wrap (choose either light mayo or cheese not both) and have an entree salad at dinner.

2. Controlling Alcohol Intake – This is probably the #1 behavior I see with clients who are trying to lose weight when they first come in. They say they drink 1-2 times a week, but then their food journal shows 2 glasses of wine. (more…)

5 Easy Diet Tips to Help you Survive the Weekend!

There are many summer events that will easily sabotage your healthy eating and diet efforts. Remember these tips to help you through the weekend:

wedding buffet

1. If you must snack- grab fresh fruit, a handful of almonds, cup of yogurt or other good for you treat.

2.  Stay away from the basket of bread and fried appetizers in the buffet line. Stick to grilled or roasted meats, poultry and fish and load your plate with vegetables and fruit.

3. Follow these tips for drinking on a diet. (more…)