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The Parents’ Checklist for a Proper Weight Loss Camp for Kids

The school year is over and for many parents of overweight kids the pressure is on to decide whether or not to enroll in weight loss camp. Do weight loss camps help or do they make things worse? It depends as much on the family and the child as it does on the camp. Done right, weight loss camp may jump start good habits that last a lifetime. Done wrong, camp may set the stage for years of failed diet attempts with feelings of failure and shame. The decision to take part in weight loss camp is a very important one.

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Children, teens, and young adults of both genders can go to a weight loss camp, which can last from two to eight weeks and cost between $2000 and $8000. They group children by gender and age to learn about food, nutrition and cooking, athletic skills, and tools to support emotional health. Building positive self-esteem must be a goal of the program.

Menus must be devised by registered dietitians and wholesome communal meals and snacks should be served. In the best camps, the common menu offers around 1700 calories a day, but the camper actually decides how much to eat. Nutrition education helps the child to learn which foods are necessary and appropriate all of the time or just some of the time. Children should learn how and when to start and stop eating. The emphasis should always be on healthy eating, not on calories. (more…)

Ira Green Nurtures Teen Weight Loss at Camp Friends 4ever

The only way Ira Green avoided ridicule as an overweight teen was because of his athletic prowess. But when the structure of high school and college athletics disappeared, his adult weight ballooned to over 400 pounds. “When I had to have surgery to save my life,” said Ira, “I decided to teach kids at weight loss camps.”

camp friends 4ever

After losing over 200 pounds and directing 10 weight loss camps, Ira is gearing up for this summer’s all-girl weight loss camp on the campus of William and Mary. Camp Friends 4ever is based on Ira’s seven weight loss principles: structure, accountability, honesty, rewards, balance, game planning, and selfless selfishness.

While the camp does have a proven and successful curriculum, you won’t see Ira or his staff barking out orders. “Twenty years ago, these kinds of camps were more rugged,” said Ira. “We let the campers choose their activities and in turn, they want to work harder, and my staff doesn’t waste energy on disinterested kids.” His style of discipline is basic: when a camper misbehaves, Ira brings them to his office, sits them down and asks, “Have I ever disrespected you?”.

“They start bawling,” said Ira. (more…)

MTV’s Chelsea Settles Joins Summer Weight Loss Camp

MTV reality show star, Chelsea Settles will be making a guest appearance at one of the country’s premier weight loss camps for kids.

Settles will be taking her inspiring story to the New Image Camps at Pocono Trails in Reeders, PA. This Saturday, May 12, 2012, Settles will meet with parents and campers and discuss the subjects she’ll be teaching as she herself attends the camp this summer season. Settles plans to teach classes in grooming, poise, and charm.

Camp founder and director Tony Sparber has invited Settles to be a part of his camp. Sparber has spent his career providing safe and healthy environments where campers can learn all about proper diet and exercise habits while losing weight. He hates the term “fat camp,” however he has been given the title, “The King of Fat Camp.” He allows this title as it speaks truth to his vision as a pioneer in the weight loss camp industry. Settles will join Sparber this weekend at the Pocono Trails open house, where the children will surely be inspired and probably a little excited to be on MTV. (more…)

“Huge” Weight Loss Series on ABC Family

The TV world is filled with shows on adult weight loss, but when it comes to kids’ weight issues, shows are nonexistent. Until now.

“Huge,” an upcoming show on ABC Family, is based on the young-adult novel of the same name by author Sasha Paley. “Huge,” which will premiere on Monday, June 28 is an hour-long drama series that centers around a group of teens who are attending and working at a weight loss summer camp, called Camp Victory.

Here is a sneak peek of the show: