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As Seen on TV Fitness Products Review

We’ve seen them on those late nights when zoning out in front of the television is more appealing than going to bed. Whether it’s a device to tone your abs or boost your biceps, the infomercials for at-home fitness products have a fascinating appeal to them, which is why 20 minutes later, you can still find yourself watching the same ad and then picking up your cell phone or popping on the computer to order it and cash in on the “act now” savings.

If all of those fitness products seem to look like one another, we’re going to help you sort through the sometimes drowning waters of the exercise industry.

Here is a list of the six most popular As Seen on TV fitness products and a summary of each.


Shape Magazine Raves About Wave Fitness by The FIRM

wave fitnessA few days ago, I was flipping through the current issue of Shape magazine, which features actress Jennifer Love Hewitt on the cover, and I noticed a rather cool-looking piece of at-home workout equipment. It was this surf-board meets step-board workout device created by The FIRM, a best-selling, at-home workout program that uses a cardio-plus-body-sculpting fitness hybrid, known as Synergy Training.

Over the years, The FIRM has created a line of best-selling workout videos that are designed to tone, strengthen and burn calories using the company’s  trademarked Synergy Training system. Their latest project is the Wave, which was the device that caught my eye as I was thumbing my way through the magazine. (more…)