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Participate in National Walk to Work Day April 6

Tomorrow is National Walk to Work Day. Do you have your best walking shoes ready? We hope so, because walking has been proven to be one of the best forms of exercise for our physical and mental health.

We love that walking is one of the few workouts we can do that doesn’t require any fancy or expensive equipment. And it provides such great health benefits as overall body tone, weight loss and weight management, and reduced risk of cancer and heart disease. Plus, just about anyone can get out and walk as it’s a low-impact aerobic exercise, which makes it a great activity for everyone at any age.

Just in case you need more motivation to participate tomorrow, here are five benefits that walking provides, as well as five simple ways to start walking more often. (more…)

National Walk to Work Day is April 1st

Held annually on the first Friday every April, National Walk to Work Day is designed to get commuters up and moving. Founded by Prevention in 2004, this year’s National Walk to Work Day falls on April 1st, and participants are encouraged to walk for all or part of their commute.

Here’s how you can participate:

If you can walk or bike the whole way to your job, do it. If the roads are safe for you to navigate them sans vehicle, wake up early enough to make sure you get to work on time, and set out on foot. Make sure you wear comfortable walking sneakers and carry your professional shoes along with you. You may even want to bring a change of clothes depending on the length of your walk and weather in your area.

If you take public transportation, try walking to a stop further than you normally take to hitch your ride, or get off at a stop further from your work and fit in your walk after your ride.


April 3 is Walk to Work Day

walkingWhether or not it’s casual Friday at your office tomorrow, put on your comfortable shoes and hit the bricks. Walk to Work Day is recognized the first Friday of April, an initiative started by Prevention in 2004 to get people moving. They advise a 15 minute walk both ways, 30 minutes round-trip. If you commute, then walk to the next furthest bus or subway stop. If you’re not able to walk to work, grab a group of co-workers and walk somewhere healthy for lunch.

Walking at least 30 minutes a day can greatly reduce your risk of obesity-related diseases like cancer, stroke and diabetes. A “very brisk” walk, about four mph, for 30 minutes will burn about 150 calories. (more…)