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Nicole Sullivan Named New Jenny Craig Spokesperson

nicole sullivan jenny craigActress Nicole Sullivan joins fellow dieters Valerie Bertinelli and Phylicia Rashad as devotees of Jenny Craig, the successful weight loss program that has helped millions of women lose weight.

The actress, who is known for her roles on Lifetime’s Rita Rocks, the sketch comedy series, MADtv and other sitcoms like Scrubs and The King of Queens, is determined to lose the 35 pounds she gained while pregnant with her second son. The actress gave birth six weeks ago and will spend the next few months working hard on the Jenny Craig food and exercise plan to lose the baby weight she put on her petite 5′ 5″ frame.

“You spend a year of your life eating what you want and enjoying letting the baby have what it feels like having — and I’[ve] lost track of what I’m supposed to be doing that’s right,” Sullivan tells People magazine. (more…)

Kirstie Alley Discusses Her Weight Gain on Oprah

Former Jenny Craig spokesperson Kirstie Alley shared with Oprah how she managed to gain back all of the weight she lost in 2006. Confessing to gaining 85 pounds, 10 more pounds than her pre-Jenny Craig weight, Kirstie candidly discussed  how over the past year and a half, she stopped exercising and swapped her 1,400-calorie-a-day Jenny Craig meal plan for her favorite eats like chocolate and Chinese food.

2006 Photo courtesy of The Oprah Winfrey Show

Kirstie Alley in a bikini on Oprah in 2006. (Photo via The Oprah Winfrey Show)

The trouble started when Jenny Craig stopped monitoring Kirstie’s weight through their astutely-monitored weekly weigh-ins. Prior to this, Kirstie would rely on these weigh-ins to keep her accountable to her weight loss. Next, as Kirstie started to give herself some slack and loosen the reigns on her stringent eating and exercise routine, the portions got larger and the food became heavier. Soon after, she decided to turn her exercise room into a dining room and moved thousands of dollars of exercise equipment into her garage where they sat and collected dust. (more…)

Tune In: Oprah Talks Weight Loss with Valerie Bertinelli, Star Jones and Marie Osmond

Valerie Bertinelli's Bikini Body on the cover of People. (via People.com)

Valerie Bertinelli's bikini body on the cover of People Magazine. (via People.com)

Update: This episode will air again on Monday, May 30 2011.

This Wednesday, April 1st, Oprah’s bringing out the famous faces of weight loss that we’ve been following the past couple of years. Valerie Bertinelli will appear on Oprah to share not only her very public weight loss journey with the help of Jenny Craig, but also her amazing bikini-ready body, which graces the cover of People magazine this week.

Tune in this week to hear Valerie’s talk about her weight loss success, Star Jones’ first public interview about her 160-pound weight loss, and Marie Osmond’s Dancing with the Stars and NutriSystem diet and her lifelong battle with her weight. (more…)

Dashing Through the Snow

This month, we’re pleased to have Molly Wangsgaard join us in the Diet Blog as our Featured Guest Blogger. Molly is a Corporate Dietitian and Program Development Manager for Jenny Craig, Inc., and will be sharing some helpful strategies on how to maintain your healthy eating and exercise behaviors during this tempting time of year.

And through the grocery store, and around the mall, and across the kitchen!

When your holiday to-do list seems particularly insurmountable, it’s easy to let your physical activity plans fall by the wayside.  During these busy days, when you don’t think you have time to exercise, is when you need it the most.  Regular physical activity helps alleviate stress, prevent weight gain and nurture your spirit.  And when your days are filled with doing, doing, doing for others, it gives you that warm feeling of accomplishment that you’ve done something positive for yourself.  The bottom line is that it’s important to keep moving during this hectic time of year.

Make it fun. Jenny Craig spokesperson Valerie Bertinelli loves to get outside, whether it’s walking her dogs, hiking with her boyfriend Tom or horsing around with the kids. In addition to these fun activities consider playing a game of tag with your children or sledding with your family.  Enjoy special time together as you model positive activity behaviors. (more…)

Queen Latifah Tells Oprah How She Lost 20 Pounds

It was Queen vs. Queen today on the Oprah show. Queen Latifah was there to promote her new movie, “The Secret Life of Bees,” and then if you can believe it, talked about her other role as spokesperson for Jenny Craig.

Her campaign for the popular celeb-endorsed diet plan kicked off in December 2007, just as the light was fading on Valerie Bertinelli‘s endorsement. The campaign was different than the previous “lose a lot of weight” attitude, she announced she wanted to be “a size healthier.” She told Oprah today that her participation with Jenny Craig was strictly to improve her health. To date, she’s lost 20 pounds.

 queen latifah on oprah

It wasn’t about body image. I don’t feel self-conscious about my body. I feel proud of myself,” she says. “I feel confident in myself, but [I signed on] for health reasons.”

She said no matter where she is, home, traveling or working on a movie set, the convenient Jenny Craig meals are always with her. Queen Latifah also meets with with her counselor regularly to monitor progress and she exercises more. She’s conscious of portions and the type of food she eats.

6 New Diet Reviews, including DineWise, Acai and Intellitrim

This week, Diets In Review added six new reviews to the list. Check these out and see if one is right for you. If you’ve already tried it or have experience with the program, we encourage you to leave a comment here or at the review.

DineWise is a meal delivery service bringing healthy meals right to your door, and doing it a bit differently than some of the other guys. You can personally customize each meal based on dietary needs or likes and dislikes, and each menu item is designed by professional chefs.

IntelliTrim is a diet supplement pill that actively blocks fat. The company shares its research for the effectiveness of the product and how the active ingredient prevents the body from absorbing fat cells.

This berry is native to the Amazon and is a powerhouse of nutrients. In addition to a rich flavor, Acai provides antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids. It’s listed as one of the 10 Super Foods and can be a healthy supplement to naturally energize.

Calorie King
You won’t find a better resource for giving you the calorie counts and other nutrition facts for more than 11,000 foods. Everything from pantry staples to restaurant menu favorites can be found at Calorie King. It’s worth bookmarking and using its many other features like recipes and community support.

Valerie Bertinelli: Losing It
In January, Valerie announced that she had exceeded her weight loss goal with the Jenny Craig program. This week, she released her book “Losing It”, sharing her experiences and giving like-minded dieters inspiration.

This new diet pill says you’ll be “zinergized” by its 40 ingredients. With all recognizable ingredients like vitamins, calcium and green tea, Zinera claims to boost metabolism, squelch cravings and help you better manage your weight loss.

The Baby Food Diet
Leave it to Hollywood to dream up another fad diet. Starlets are eating little jars of baby food as small meals and snacks to stop cravings. While they are packed with nutrients and no preservatives, can it really provide an adult healthy weight loss?

Valerie Bertinelli goes from blogger to author

Now we have another reason to collectively adore Valerie Bertinelli. As revealed on “Oprah,” February 25th, 2008, Valerie has put out a book, detailing her life as well as her weight loss struggles. “Losing It: And How I Got My Life Back One Pound at a Time” is available for purchase, and is already getting rave reviews on Amazon.

Immensely likable, it was curious how she found love with a hard-edged rocker like Eddie Van Halen. Like her marriage, much about her personal life has remained a mystery, until now. Having lost more than 30 pounds with Jenny, and in a timeline that is realistic (you can read all about it on her blog), she does good friend, Kirstie Alley, proud with strong testimonial and certifiable results.

Valerie, you Rock!

You can read the full review of Valerie Bertinelli’s new book here at Diets In Review.

Jenny and the Queen

As Kirstie Alley steps out of Jenny Craig’s spotlight, Queen Latifah is stepping in. She’s the third Hollywood star to use the betterment of her own health to pitch Jenny Craig’s phenomenal weight loss program (along with Valerie Bertinelli) in an ad campaign that began roughly three years ago.

In Queen Latifah’s new Jenny Craig commercial, she talks about not watching the number on the scale, but just being more aware of her overall health and weight. She is recommending we lose 5-10% of our body weight and increase activity to lessen our chances of weight-related illnesses like type II diabetes.

Queen Latifah is one of the most inspiring women of our day, and I’m anxious to follow her progress with the program as I know she’ll be a heroine to many women struggling to, as she is encouraging, take that first step toward losing weight.

Call 1-800-Kirstie

Update: On 2/25/10, Kirstie Alley announced on Oprah the launch of her new weight loss company, Organic Liaison.

For the past three years we’ve heard Kirstie Alley telling everyone to call 1-800-Jenny, but this week she hung up. After successfully losing 75 pounds to date with the Jenny Craig program, and ushering in Valerie Bertinelli, Kirstie has stepped away as Jenny’s spokesperson.

She leaves with all positive things to say about Jenny Craig and spokespeople for the company even suggest she’s still committed to the weight loss program.

I have to say- she looks fantastic. I sat at a table near her at dinner a few weeks ago and thought she was definitely looking much healthier and thinner than those obese pictures a few years ago. A lot of people have turned to Kirstie as a beacon of hope for their own weight loss endeavors the last few years- which makes perfect sense that she will be introducing her own branded weight loss program in 2009.

The 57-year old actress is passionate about her new program and isn’t really saying much, except that she is “confident that I can create something exciting and innovative, something that if all goes well, will help change a fat America back into a fit America and will offer this country the healthiest, yummiest, easiest and most effective weight-loss program on the market.”

She’s got big shoes to fill. Diets In Review will of course keep you updated with any news we hear about this new weight loss program. We want to hear from you- what do you think about and expect from Kirstie’s weight loss program?