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Eating Healthy is Possible at Universal Studios

Health food isn’t the first thing you think about when planning to visit an amusement park, although you may plan on doing plenty of walking and maybe some major muscle contractions as you grip to safety harnesses. My vocal cords got quite the workout in the last two days. I practically never raise my voice, so screaming through a few roller coasters was quite a change of pace. It is possible to not eat junk food like turkey legs, cotton candy, and soda, even at an amusement park. Here are my top tips for sticking (close) to your diet at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Mythos restaurant:  Mythos, located in Universal Studios Islands of Adventure’s Lost Continent, was voted #1 restaurant in an amusement park in the world 2003-2008. The menu is marked with gluten-free and vegetarian options to make ordering easy. The flavor makes me believe that the selections were made on site with more fresh ingredients. (We also ate at the Three Broomsticks in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. While it seemed like they were trying to make decent meals, like shepherd’s pie, it seems more processed and likely had been frozen at some point.) In addition, Mythos provided a very soothing atmosphere which both felt removed from the amusement park and provided views of rides across the lake.


The Dieter’s Guide for Universal Studios

If you’re planning a trip to Universal Studios in Orlando this year, you’re probably looking forward to their Las Vegas-style shows and lightening-speed roller coasters. However, if you’re trying to diet while on vacation, you may have already compiled a list of things you can’t eat or drink, including those fruity Hawaiian drinks complete with a festive umbrella. Deciding what you can and can’t eat may pose a real challenge for vacationers looking to cut loose.

No worries. Before you fret about calorie counting or carb intake, read these simple tips on how to stay healthy while still enjoying your vacation at Universal Studios.