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Americans Who Watch 4.5 Hours of TV Daily Have Plenty of Time to Exercise

You don’t have time to workout, huh? Well, I have information that says otherwise.

According to the Bureau of Labour we’re a busy bunch, but we’re not exactly making the most of our free time. The biggest excuse in the book for skipping exercise kind of falls apart when you see that people spend the majority of their leisure time watching TV. Are your shows that important? Then move while you watch!

You can easily do yoga, squats, or jog in place while cleaning out your DVR and catching up on the hottest summer reality shows. There are some people who only allow themselves time to watch TV while they’re on the treadmill at the gym, and some who keep their TV in the fitness room of their home.

The only thing we spend less time doing than exercise is relaxing, and that’s no good either. Our bodies and brains need plenty of time to unwind. In some cases though, exercise and relaxing go hand-in-hand. Yoga, swimming, cycling, a round of hoops, or chasing your kids through the park are all ways to relax while still remaining active. (more…)

The Big Fat Money Pit of Weight Loss Revealed on 20/20

The literal business of weight loss is a very lucrative industry. Tonight’s edition of ABC’s 20/20 will break down the numbers and many will be shocked by the story of, “Losing It: The Big Fat Money Pit.”

John LaRosa is the president of Marketdata, where he has been an analyst of the U.S. weight loss market for 23 years. He gave an interview to 20/20 along with other experts, about the impact the actual “industry” of weight loss has on our country. The interviews evaluate the use of celebrity endorsements for diet companies, weight loss scams, the popularity of diet pills and meal replacements, and much more.

The subject of weight and weight loss deals heavily with numbers. Some of the most interesting numbers are those of dollars spent. Here are just a few staggering statistics that will be covered in tonight’s show, airing at 10 PM E.T.

video platform video management video solutions video player (more…)

30 Things to Do During Screen Free Week

April 30th through May 6th is Screen Free Week, originally known as TV-Turnoff Week starting in 1994. As we have grown more and more dependent on technology for entertainment with the growth of the internet, smart phones, and apps targeting children and even toddlers, TV-Turnoff Week became Digital Detox Week in 2008 and Screen Free Week in 2010.

Screen Free Week is supported by more than 70 organizations including the American Medical Association, the American Heart Association, Big Brothers Big Sisters of American, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the YMCA. Screen Free Week is a great opportunity to save money on electricity, build family relationships, and get a few other projects done around the house. It may be tempting to think that a technology-free week will be impossible and you will run out of things to do, but here are 30 things you can do that do not require technology and may even make you a little fitter.

  1. Take a walk
  2. Go camping
  3. Climb a tree
  4. Re-paint your kitchen
  5. Catch up on your laundry
  6. Get a massage
  7. Mow the lawn
  8. Try a project (or twenty) you found on Pinterest*
  9. Take a yoga class
  10. Take a dance class (more…)

Jaleel White Already Drops 13 Pounds from Dancing With the Stars

A lot of celebrities sign up for Dancing With the Stars with the hopes of losing weight from the hours and hours of dance practice, but for some, it’s just a pleasant, unplanned side effect.

Jaleel White was one of those celebs that didn’t plan on losing weight while competing on Dancing With the Stars, but there just wasn’t any way around it. White, famous for his role as nerdy Erkel on Family Matters told Us Weekly after his Monday’s performace that he’s already lost 13 pounds since rehearsals began earlier this year. The actor, 35, proudly exclaimed, “I’m like a buck sixty-nine!”

At 5-foot-10, White was hardly overweight to begin with, but spending hours in the dance studio helped the actor kick up his fitness routine a notch. “You’re dripping in sweat. You keep doing intervals of 30 minutes or 40 minutes, and you grab a quick snack and go back at it,” he explained. “I can pop a sweat so quickly now. It’s new to me. It’s ridiculous!”

White has also noticed another positive change: his energy level is up. You would think dancing all day would leave him exhausted, but quite the contrary.

“I feel in better shape than I have been since I was in college,” he said. “It sucks because I want to go out and play basketball but I have no time. I want to see what my energy is like and what I can do on the basketball court now, because at 35, trust me, there is a difference between a 35-year-old and a 24-year-old on the basketball court.”


Betty Draper’s Weight Gain Reflects Modern Weight Struggles [PHOTO]

Questions loomed last week during the two-hour premiere of Mad Men’s season five – where’s Betty? However, it didn’t take long for the sexiest blonde on the show to make her appearance in tonight’s second episode. Where was she? Likely in make-up putting on a body suit that has been likened on Twitter to that of Gwyneth Paltrow in Shallow Hal. However, this is not the same Betty we’ve come to know and love. We could say she was curvy, but really, Betty was just heavy. Christina Hendricks has curves!

Donning a body suit to make her appear much, much heavier than the model-esque woman who was married to Don Draper, January Jones’ character would likely be humiliated if she knew how Twitter was responding to her new figure.

At first, we thought it was just the over-sized pink robe the now Betty Francis was wearing. Then, admittedly having not watched season four, considered for a moment that she was pregnant with a fourth child. However, when her mother-in-law brazenly calls her out for her weight in not so many words, we had to face the truth that Betty had put on weight. After failing to squeeze herself in to an ill-fitting dress and canceling an attendance with her husband to a social event, Betty climbed in bed and felt sorry for herself. (more…)

January Jones Eases Up Her Diet and Workouts to Get Back Her Betty Draper Curves

Mad Men fans are getting very excited! The show finally returns this week after a year and a half hiatus. The female star, January Jones, who plays Betty Draper appears to be ready for the new season. The actress was spotted out and about promoting the show looking fitter than ever as she prepares to play the role she best known for, a 1960’s housewife.

Typically January Jones is known for her curves. Her appearance is meant to mimic that of a healthy woman from the 1960s, not a rail thin woman of this decade. Jones admits to having gotten too thin for the producers’ liking and being forced to eat more and cut back on exercise.

However, last summer, a much thinner Jones walked the red carpet. Jones lost two dress sizes for her role in X Men: First Class. Jones’ character was Emma Frost, a mutant telepath who wore very tight white clothing. In order for Jones to fit into the wardrobe she went on a juice fast. The fast allowed Jones to drop the weight in addition to adding weight training to sculpt her body and make it more like the fictional comic book character she was portraying in the film.


William J Broad Discusses The Science of Yoga with Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert needs yoga. Not because he says he is the most inflexible man in the world, or because he found out some women who practice yoga are able to have two to three hour orgasms, but because he seems to have attention deficit disorder. But who am I to judge? Millions of Americans tune in and get a kick out of his opinions of current events disguised as crude and bold comic relief. He’s no Seth Meyers, but he does entertain in a blatantly rude sort of way.

I am very surprised that William J. Broad, author of The Science of Yoga and esteemed science writer for the New York Times, agreed to come on the show for an interview. After listening to Broad on NPR’s Fresh Air, and NPR’s Talk of the Nation Science Friday, I was curious to see how he would respond to the brazen personality of Colbert. Poised, calm and well spoken, Broad held an impressive level of composure against the piercing and sometimes irrational questions imposed upon him by the audacious TV host.

Broad told Colbert that he practices yoga because it helps him relax and be able to do the hard edge reporting that has earned him two Pulitzer Prizes. You would think that would perk up the ears of a fellow journalist, but instead Colbert told Broad he didn’t know a thing about yoga. Not surprising, as his description of the practice is how people look when they are crammed and contorted in the coach section of an airplane.


Shaun T. Joins Dr. Oz to Reveal Revolutionary Fitness Secrets

On Wednesday Dr. Oz will be welcoming fitness superstar Shaun T. to his stage. He’s being billed as the “man with the miracle plan to bring your body back.”

Shaun T., or Shaun Thompson, is the face and body behind Hip Hop Abs and Insanity. Both are at-home workouts that have been sold on DVD to millions. Shaun is going to reveal how he’s helped thousands of women get fit and back into their skinny clothes. Many before and after pictures and Insanity subscribers will be present during the show to prove his methods work.

Shaun will be letting us all in on the techniques behind the Insanity workouts that make them so effective. He claims that in just 15 minutes a day one can see a major transformation in their bodies. The workouts are a maximum interval training method, which is a method of exercising where one works out strenuously for 3-4 minutes and the rests for about 30 seconds before ramping up again. All of Shaun T.’s workouts can be done without a gym and in your own home. He states, “all you need is your body.”

Shaun will also be revealing his three revolutionary rules to burn fat all day long. He emphasizes that there are ways to keep burning fat even while you’re not working out. Dr. Oz and Shaun will cover some major dietary boosters to help people meet their weight loss and fitness goals.


Michelle Obama and Tracey Mallett Get Kids Moving on Ellen [VIDEO]

First lady Michelle Obama has been a busy woman this week. She’s been making the talk show rounds as she promotes Let’s Move, a campaign is designed to end childhood obesity by teaching children about fitness and healthy eating.

As the first lady wraps up her week, she will be a guest on the Ellen show today alongside Booty Barre creator and fitness expert Tracey Mallett.

Mallett and Mrs. Obama invite 40 children to the stage to demonstrate exercises to keep them moving and excited about good health. Mallett led the children of Whitney Elementary through a fun workout the kids loved. In an email from Mallett, she described the episode as “an amazing experience.” See it now, and try it with your own kids!


McDonald’s Installs McTV in 800 U.S. Restaurants

Have you ever wished you could catch your favorite shows while chowing down on a cheeseburger? McDonald’s customers in the U.S. will soon be able to. Though seemingly incongruous with the notion of “fast food,” McDonald’s will offer the new McTV network in 800 McDonald’s restaurants across Southern California and Las Vegas.

The network, which  could reach nearly 20 million viewers per month, will feature entertainment, news, sports and video content for Quarter Pounder connoisseurs. Programs will be shown on a one-hour cycle, eight minutes of which will be dedicated to commercials. The in-store channel, which will be customized by restaurant location, is a joint venture between McDonald’s and ChannelPort Communications LLC. According to AOL TV, if it’s successful, it could be rolled out in restaurants nationally.

Leland Edmondson, founder of ChannelPort, told AOL TV “The intention is to catch and engage the customer, and then enhance their experience.”