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Interview with Creator of The Reverse Diet, Tricia Cunningham

Most people who’ve experienced a significant life change can tell you their exact “ah-ha” moment. That single moment where an event or something within you determines that it’s time to do what’s necessary to better your life. Tricia Cunningham had one of those, but she calls it her “reverse moment.” Tricia was overweight, weighing 292 pounds at her last doctor’s appointment, but she guesses at one point she had to have crossed over into the 300s. She’d been in a lifelong weight battle, and was only in her 20s. As a child she was a victim of abuse, as well as what she calls “second-hand ignorance,” in which families pass on unhealthy food choices and dietary patterns to younger generations.

One morning nearly ten years ago this mother of two had her “reverse moment” and decided to flip everything she knew about eating. Dinner became breakfast, breakfast became dinner, and for lunch she had a small sensible meal. The weight started coming off. Tricia says she didn’t incorporate much exercise, maybe some light walking. For the past eight years she’s maintained her 170 pound weight loss.

Her success was so remarkable that she shares her plan in the book The Reverse Diet. She teaches people how to reverse the second-hand ignorance that she feels is responsible for much of the obesity in our country and introduces her “no excuses, solutions only” way of thinking.