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How to Eliminate Arm Fat, or “Bingo Wings”

Have you ever heard the expression “bingo wings”? This is slang used to describe the fatty tissue or excess skin under the arm (triceps) that flaps back and forth, if you will, when a member of a Tuesday night bingo club wins and shakes the winning bingo card over-head. I understand that it is not a flattering term, but it does do an outstanding job explaining the situation or problem.

The problem area is known as the triceps brachii muscle. The triceps (used in both singular and plural) is a three-headed muscle that each of which come from different origins, but join together at the elbow. Extending the forearm and adducting the shoulder are the two main functions of the triceps brachii.

Below are several ways to help firm up those so called “bingo wings.” I recommend performing two to three sets of 15 repetitions at a medium weight for the following exercise routine. Good luck! (more…)

The Mike Tyson Workout

mike tyson workoutSo, I was out and about last week and ran into Mike Tyson at one of the local Hollywood hangouts. I got to visit with him for a bit and did a little research as well. Below is an example of what Mike’s day typically looks like. He is very dedicated, loves to work hard, and enjoys living life as well.

The Mike Tyson Workout

  • 5 AM: 3 mile jog
  • 6 AM: Shower and back to bed
  • 10AM: Wake up and eat breakfast (oatmeal)
  • 12 PM: Ring work (10 rounds of sparring) (more…)

Top 5 Upper Body Exercises to Prepare for Horseback Riding

woman riding horseHorseback riding is an amazing hobby and I wish that I could find the time to do more of it. I’ve been discussing workouts that help riders develop the strength needed. We’ve discussed the lower body exercises to help prepare your body for the jolts and shock of horseback riding, as well as the core strength needed to help you maintain proper posture.

Although your upper body is less of a factor, you still need to train it properly to prevent possible injury, soreness, and to help maintain good posture. (more…)

Mathue Johnson’s Cardio and Weight Training Workout


Out of all the posts and blogs that I have done, I don’t ever remember discussing my actual workout routine. I used to do cardio before my weight training, but have recently switched the two and have had a great deal of success. This allows me to have more energy and stamina during my weight training portion.

I typically workout five to six days a week for about an hour to an hour and a half at a time. Each day I break down certain muscle groups basically in a push-pull form followed by three to five miles of jogging. This helps me work every large muscle group at least twice a week and has worked for me for several years now. (more…)