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Biggest Losers Heba and Ed Launch 10 in 2010 Campaign for Fitness

heba and edEveryone is looking for a little motivation in the new year to get fit, stay fit or even push their fitness to a new level. That’s exactly what former Biggest Loser couple Heba Salama and Ed Brantley are doing, pushing themselves to that next level. They’re not only do it for themselves, they’re doing it for each of you. Just this week they announced their 10 in 2010 Fitness Campaign, with hopes of not only challenging themselves but motivating others to get in shape, too.

That’s why this year you’ll find Heba and Ed participating in half-marathons, triathlons, and other various foot races throughout the country. They’re committed to doing 10 of these races in 2010 – and they want to see you there, too!

“Racing gives us the opportunity to stay fit and healthy, as well as meet and inspire people on their own weight loss journeys. We prove that if we can do it, anyone can,” said Heba. (more…)

What to Eat Before Endurance Races

rebecca scritchfield triathlonThis past weekend, I competed in my first triathlon. The race course consisted of 1.5K swim, 40K bike, and 10K run. I can’t tell you how much fun I had. From learning how to swim and cycle in the first place to learning how to rip off a wetsuit and clipping in to the bike, tackling a triathlon promises adventure for everyone who dares to do it. The craziest part for me was definitely the swim. Imagine humans swimming over and into each other. I was smacked on the back, legs, arms, head, and face. Thankfully, I got out in about 39 minutes. I managed to develop “ulnar palsy” (temporary numbness in the ring and pinky finger from pinching on the ulnar nerve while cycling) and acquire several bumps, scrapes and bruises — and that’s just from the biking!

The triathlon took me 3 hours and 2 minutes to complete and I estimate that I burned 2,000 calories! In fact, once I got my appetite back I was hungry all day! Clearly, my metabolism was on overdrive!

In this kind of race, good nutrition is paramount to have a strong finish. But if you just focus on what you do during the event, you’re too late. You need to fuel well all during your training to maximize the benefits. Most importantly, you need to take care to deliver the right nutrients 1-2 days before the competition. That’s what this article is all about. (more…)

7-Year-Old Runs 5Ks, Earns Presidential Award for Physical Fitness

conner anderson with fatherOne of my top ten tips for parenting includes the reminder that the idea ‘do what I say, not what I do’ never works. I encourage parents to consider the characteristics, habits, and values they want their child to have as an adult and to allow that to help them shape their parenting. Once we pass a certain age, most of us realize that we are becoming more and more like our parents (for better or for worse). Do you want your children to be like you when they are your age? What else do you want for your children?

Whether your children are old enough to start joining you in your fitness routine or you even have children yet, now is the perfect time to start developing the habits in yourself that you want your children to adopt. Your child is unlikely to want to join you in activities that you do not enjoy. Your child, who sees you as a role model, is more likely to do the things you do. I rode in bike races as a child because that was what my father did. (more…)

Don’t Let Weight Limit Your Health Goals [UPDATED]

UPDATE 7/22/10: Josh Graston will be one of the contestants on VH1’s new weight loss competition series, Money Hungry.

Today’s guest blogger is Josh Graston, a fitness enthusiast and triathlete from Sioux Falls, SD who remains active in a variety of sports while striving toward his goal weight.

Josh Graston at the finish line.

Josh Graston at the finish line.

More than 70% of Americans report that they are active in trying to lose weight. When most people think of losing weight, they lean primarily toward nutrition. Nutrition is a vital part of healthy weight management, but a proper training regimen is also paramount to long-term success.

The fact is that regardless of your current fitness level or age, you can safely push yourself in the gym. One of my passions has always been doing things that people have said that I couldn’t. Just like in customer service you try to exceed your customer’s expectations, in fitness we try to exceed our own! For most people, the primary goal is going to be losing weight and inches. But having a secondary fitness goal is a great way to stay motivated when the scale stops budging. (more…)