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Most Popular Weight Loss Hypnosis Programs

One of the biggest movies this summer was the blockbuster hit, “Inception.” If you haven’t seen it, the premise of the movie is the power of dreams.

Dreams have long been appreciated for their teaching and elucidating capabilities. Even our evolving bipedal-walking ancestors recognized the mysterious power contained in this thing our subconscious mind does every night.

Dreams have been used by everyone from athletes preparing for a big game to a mathematician solving a complex calculation. And more and more, hypnosis, a cousin to dreams, is being used as a way to support weight loss and adopt healthy living behaviors.

The theory is that by repeating certain messages or sayings over and over again, in a semi-awake state, they become inculcated into the deepest parts of our mind, the subconscious. It is here where the seeds of behavior, thoughts and emotions are planted so that actions, like eating healthy foods, taking a brisk walk in the summer evening air, and leaning on a friend instead of a half gallon of chocolate marshmallow swirled ice cream manifest and produce long-lasting results.

While there is no shortage of diet books or diet products, the number of weight loss hypnosis books and videos is limited. Here is a summary of some of the most popular weight loss hypnosis products on the market today: (more…)