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Do Skinnier Wives Make for Happier Marriages?

A recent study found that marriages tend to be more successful in unions where the wife is thinner than the husband. Many women will scoff at this theory but the study raises some interesting questions.

It’s unclear why relative weight plays such a large role in the happiness of a marriage. One theory is that women, coined the “fairer sex”, are expected to be dainty and small in order to be considered beautiful. Likewise, large and muscular men are projected to be powerful. When a woman appears small in relation to a man, it gives off an image of beauty versus power. However, if this theory holds up, then other factors could easily project power besides size. Career potential, education and personality can all be symbols of power for men. These can, in turn, foster feelings of security in women and fulfill both partners’ needs without projecting physical expectations.


Thin People Aren’t Always Healthiest

Fat and thinLet’s start this off with a warning: What you are about to read is in no way an endorsement of neglecting your weight management.

Studies have found that about a third of obese people aren’t necessarily at a high risk of diabetes or heart disease. And get this – nearly a quarter of normal-weight people are. Now, obviously this isn’t to say that being thin is risky. If anything, it proves that there are other factors, including genetic history.

For normal-weight and overweight people (BMI of 25.0–29.9), risk was linked to belly fat. But for obese people (BMI of 30+), risk wasn’t linked to belly fat as much as it was to a fatty liver.

The key seems to be the liver. Obese people who get at least moderate physical exercise tend to have less fatty livers than those who don’t exercise. So, keep that in mind when you are frustrated with your weight loss plateau. You are still doing your body good.