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Congress Slaps Dr. Oz, Saying His Medical Advice Harms Consumers

After more than a decade of using colorful language such as “miracle pill,” silver bullet,” and personally endorsing diet supplements and plans, Dr. Oz was taken to task by Senator Claire McCaskill during a Commerce subcommittee meeting telling him frankly, “You have an amazing megaphone. Why would you cheapen your show when you say things like that?”

dr oz mccaskill

Speaking in front of the Senate as part of a hearing on false claims made in advertisements for weight loss supplements, the popular television host defended his position saying that although his “passion” may have led him to use language he now regrets. He also feels his “enthusiastic” descriptions have been used, “out of context.”

The doctor admitted that the products he touts don’t pass “scientific muster.” You think?

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Dr. Oz is a TV personality with a penchant for the absurd, often sharing the stage with life size body parts and organs to illustrate his point. First and foremost, however, he is a licensed physician, which is why he was asked to join supplement manufacturers, advertisers, nutrition advocates, and other entities who make up the $2.4 billion diet supplement industry. McCaskill spoke about his responsibility as a doctor saying, “It is hard to tell sometimes with Dr. Oz where the doctor begins and ends, and where the entertainer begins and ends.”


Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien on The Dr. Oz Show

Is it possible to eat twice as much food and still lose weight? TV host, author, and Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien, says yes. And she plans to share all about it on The Dr. Oz Show this Tuesday, March 19.

Tune in to hear about Lisa’s experience as an all-out foodie – or ‘foodologist’ as she calls herself – and how she found a way to eat twice as much food and still lose weight by simply swapping out unhealthy ingredients for healthy ones in her favorite meals. (more…)