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The Doctors Show How to Supersize Your Health

Tune in Tuesday, October 25, 2011 to The Doctors to learn how to “supersize your health.”

The cast will be sharing great advice and tips on how to look younger, get fitter and feel healthier. Jillian Michaels will also be sharing her no-sit-up secrets for great abs.

This episode is loaded with must-see health information.

The Doctors Tackle the Top American Health Threats

Tune in Friday, October 21, 2011 as The Doctors tackle the top two American health threats.

Obesity and breast cancer are the two major health concerns in the U.S. However, the more we can learn about these conditions, the more we can to do prevent and overcome them. The cast will be presenting many ways to take control of your health and well being.

Also, as October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, The Doctors will be presenting vital tips regarding breast cancer that everyone needs to see.

The Doctors’ Six Ways to Weigh Less

Tune in to The Doctors on Friday, October 14, 2011 to learn their “Six Ways to Weigh Less.”

The Docs will be teaching easy ways to peel off pounds and lose inches. They also have a plan to help you start losing weight today along with a few steps to reshape your figure.

Be sure to tune in to catch these great tips and learn wonderful advice on weight loss from the pros.

Tune-In: Jillian Michaels and Dr. Travis Stork Answer Questions on Rachael Ray

Tune in to Rachael Ray on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 as Jillian Michaels and Dr. Travis Stork from The Doctors join the show.

The two will be offering twice the advice as they answer health and fitness questions from the audience.

Be sure to catch their great advice to everyday questions this Tuesday.

Jillian Michaels Talks About her New Role on The Doctors

The daytime health talk show The Doctors premiered with some big changes last week. Fitness expert and tough-as-nails trainer Jillian Michaels walked out with the white coats last week and took her seat amongst the experts. Michaels plans to bring a unique perspective to the show.

As a personal trainer for 10 seasons of The Biggest Loser, Michaels gained quite a reputation. Michaels was quickly known as a no-nonsense trainer who gets amazing results. As she steps into daytime TV and out of the gym, it will be interesting to see what elements of the tough Jillian follow.

Michaels was recently interviewed by Everyday Health and explained how her role on the show will be to serve as a non-medical liaison. As she is not a doctor, she feels she can ask the questions just like a viewer at home would. Michaels also states that the daytime forum gives more of an opportunity to teach people how to be healthy.


Tune-In: Jillian Michaels Tackles Addiction on The Doctors

Be sure to tune in to today, Monday, September 19’s episode of The Doctors to catch Jillian Michaels on her newest TV gig.

Famous former Biggest Loser fitness trainer Jillian Michaels will be speaking up and sharing her thoughts on the American obesity epidemic. Michaels has just officially joined the cast for the new season and will also be continuing with her segment called “Wake-Up Call.” In these segments, Michaels is addressing the personal struggles of individuals.

On today’s show, Michaels will be confronting the subject of addiction. Michaels deals with three couples and three different types of addictions.


Tune In: The Doctors Premiers With New Co-Hosts

Tune in on Tuesday, September 13 for the season premier of The Doctors.

The cast returns and welcomes two new faces to the set. Former Biggest Loser trainer and fitness guru Jillian Michaels makes her debut as an official cast member, and the show will also welcome physiologist Dr. Wendy Walsh.

Dr. Walsh and Michaels will fit right in with the rest of the cast and can offer their unique expertise to many frank health discussions sure to be had on the newest season.


Getting a Bikini Body on The Doctors

Woman in white bikini by the oceanTune in Tuesday, May 17 to The Doctors for all you need to know about getting ready to put on a bathing suit this summer. Jillian Michaels will be starting her new gig as co-host of the popular talk show, and sharing some awesome workouts that will help viewers shed pounds and shape up. We’re sure Jillian is going to be a great addition to the show and look forward to her fitness advice.

Plus, the Doctors will also be sharing expert advice on sun safety, from faking a tan to tips on healing a burn.


Do You Know What’s Really In Your Food?

By Descygna Webb

Last week there was a particularly interesting episode of the TV show The Doctors that I had a chance to view. They were discussing what’s really in the foods you’re eating. An in depth view of some of the common chemicals in foods was featured, and the results were both shocking and a bit disgusting.

The Doctors reviewed several different products that are commonly eaten by people and some products that are targeted at children. The show revealed that there are toxic ingredients lurking in many of the most common grocery items you may be purchasing each week. Everything from potato chips to donuts to produce is under attack in this show.


Jillian Michaels Joins The Doctors as a Co-Host

Since last fall when Jillian Michaels announced she was leaving Biggest Loser, the big question has been “what’s next?” for her. No doubt, her 10 seasons on the Biggest Loser have helped launch a credible fitness empire, and it’s sure to be a springboard on the way to a lengthy career.

Well, today, the news was announced and the question answered: Jillian Michaels will join the cast of The Doctors as a co-host in a “multi-year deal,” according to Deadline.com. We reached out to Jillian’s rep and she confirmed “Yes, it’s true.”

In addition, Jillian posted this message for her Facebook fans, an announcement she teased 12 hours prior.

“So as promised… here is the big news. I can’t wait to be with you guys 5 days week on an uplifting, informative, entertaining platform where we can have share a more intimate relationship with one another. I’m excited! Hope you are too!”

The Doctors isn’t the end of the story, though. She’ll also be working with Dr. Phil as a special correspondent. (more…)