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Dr. Melina’s Calendar Diet is the Newest Cutting Edge Diet Plan

Does the thought of having to miss out on all the holidays or special events bum you out and make you want to quit a diet before you even start?  Dr. Melina Jampolis, M.D. and Karen Ansel M.S., R.D., with Ami Jampolis M.S. have found a way for you to lose weight while being able to enjoy the holidays and special occasions in your life. It is called The Calendar Diet and combines cutting edge research with real-life practical advice.

Using the research and advice and combining them with a three-pronged approach makes it possible for you to succeed year-round. The first part of the three-pronged approach is step by step diet advice, the second involves recipes based on seasonal ingredients and produce, and last it covers a season-by-season exercise plan.

As well as using the three-pronged approach it also provides additional sections to help you be more successful with your weight loss.  It includes an extensive doctor-designed weight loss plan, 52 seasonal recipes (enough for every week of the year!) that cover every season, realistic diet suggestions for every holiday and seasonal diet trap of the year, behavioral tips, strategies and exercises to keep you on track all year long.  It also includes a total body conditioning workout customizable to fit your lifestyle. (more…)