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17 Day Diet and School Lunch Reform Top List of Health Trends for 2011

2011 is here, and while last year was full of obesity epidemic warnings, statistics and awareness, 2011 will focus on long lasting, effective ways to reverse the trend. The population will be split, which isn’t a new development, between those who prefer a laid out, restrictive, step by step plan, and those who prefer gradual, yet effective, progress through behavioral changes for a lifestyle overhaul.

17 Day Diet: Featured on almost every health-based TV show there is, Dr. Moreno’s 17 Day Diet is formulated to change every 17 days to keep your metabolism revved and guessing. Comprised of 4 main cycles, each one focuses on different aspects of healthy living, including sparking your metabolism, creating healthy habits and working back in treats. The diet is so popular because it not only helps dieters drop weight, it actually teaches the dieter to eat properly on their own and is easily integrated into everyday life.

School Lunch Reform: The government has finally stepped in and made changes in the nutrition offered to our children in public schools to try and combat the growing childhood obesity epidemic. 2011 will continue to show further improvements and reform, while allowing the new programs, which cut junk food and add more fruits and vegetables, to produce results- hopefully positive ones that will improve the health and life span of today’s children.


January Diet Giveaways for Your Resolutions

These giveaways have ended.

We’re starting off 2011 with several giveaways! It’s your chance to take home some of the most talked about diet and weight loss programs of the new year for free! Act fast though, these giveaways aren’t going to last!

Denise Austin’s Get Energy!

One winner will receive a copy of Denise Austin’s new book, Get Energy!, all about helping you feel more energized. A second winner will receive a copy of the book, plus a four-pack of Denise Austin’s DVDs. Drawing 1/31/11

See the Get Energy review.

Choose Your Goody Bag Giveaway

The American Cancer Society’s Choose You movement is encouraging women to embrace healthier habits to to prevent cancer and cancer-related deaths. The goody bag includes a Choose You shirt, flower pin, pedometer and more! Drawing 1/31/11

The Mommy Diet Giveaway

We’ve got an autographed copy for Alison Sweeney’s new book! The Mommy Diet’s all about getting fit before, during and after pregnancy so you can be a happier, healthier mom. Drawing 1/31/11

See The Mommy Diet review


The 17 Day Diet with Dr. Phil on The Doctors

Tune in this Thursday, January 6 to The Doctors to jump-start your healthy New Year’s resolution with The 17 Day Diet Challenge.

On this episode, Dr. Phil joins The Doctors as well as The 17 Day Diet mastermind Dr. Mike Moreno. The plan, which was first lauded by Dr. Phil on his show, has taken the weight loss world by storm. The weight loss plan has four distinct cycles, each of which is designed to accomplish a specific weight loss tactic, such as resetting your metabolism, burning fat or eating carbohydrates. The 17 Day Diet can help you lose up to 12 pounds in 17 days. (more…)

The Diets Everyone is Talking about and Trying in 2011

If you’re resolving to lose weight, you’re probably researching the best diets and which is right for you. A quick way to determine that is to use our diet finder, which will match your budget, goals and lifestyle with the weight loss plan that best suits your needs.

Or, you can take a look at this list of must-watch diets for 2011. These are the ones you’ll no doubt hear your co-workers, aunts and best friends raving or complaining about in the new year. Some are a bit faddish and lend themselves to yo-yo dieting, others have solid foundations that set you up for success this year and for more to come.

The 17 Day Diet

This one broke out on the scene with the book’s release in November 2010 on Dr. Phil. Dr. Mike Moreno wrote the book to help people kick-start their weight loss, re-learn how to eat via meal plans and 17-minutes a day worth of exercise, and then give them the information they need for on-going maintenance. It’s a cycled way of eating that keeps the metabolism from getting bored and settling in to a status quo.

Weight Watchers PointsPlus

In November 2010, Weight Watchers unveiled the most significant change to its program in 13 years. Using the latest in nutritional science along with Weight Watchers’ nearly 50 years of expertise, the new approach allows for clients to make healthier, more satisfying choices. The new PointsPlus calculation includes protein, fiber, fat and carbs, instead of just fiber, fat and calories.

Jillian Michaels

The Biggest Loser trainer is on her way out of primetime, with season 11 being her last, but it is in no way her swan song. If anything, this is just her prelude. Men and women alike clamor to reap the benefits of her fitness empire that you’ll no doubt hear someone tell you that they’re using her fitness DVDs, using her online weight loss plan, or reading her books and cooking her recipes. (more…)

Dr. Mike Moreno Introduces the 17 Day Diet [Win a Copy of the Book!]

We see a lot of diet-related news, obviously, but we haven’t seen anything take off with this much enthusiasm in a long time. The 17 Day Diet, released last month via appearances on Dr. Phil and The Doctors, is a new weight loss book that promises rapid results via a four-cycle plan.

The author, Dr. Mike Moreno, spoke with us about The 17 Day Diet and explained what it is, why the up-to 12 pounds in 17 days is in fact a healthy rate of weight loss, and why the 17-minute fitness recommendation is a “safe way to get started.”

He also confronts critics who say the book proposes nothing new. To that he says, “you’re right,” and argues that what The 17 Day Diet does do is present that information in a new way that helps people make changes.



17 Healthy Carbohydrates You Should be Eating

The 17 Day Diet seems to be all the rage these days. Created by Dr. Mike Moreno, the diet was recently featured on The Doctors and the Dr. Phil Show. To go along with this “17” craze, we’re featuring a list of 17 healthy carbs that you should be eating for overall health.  With so many healthy options, you’ll never fall into a food rut again!

1. Oatmeal. It may seem boring, but oatmeal is such a delicious and filling breakfast choice. With lots of fiber, five grams of protein, 27 grams of carbs, three grams of fat and only 150 calories, you get a lot of nutritional bang for your bite!

2. Barley. Also high in fiber, barley is great in soups, as a whole-grain side or even as a healthy rice replacement in risotto!


Dr. Mike Moreno is the Man Behind the 17 Day Diet

Diets come and diets go. And while some of them are crazy fads that disappear a lot faster than the pounds do, some new diets are rooted in sound nutrition… and the public picks up on it.

The 17 Day Diet was originally intended as a holiday diet plan, created by Dr. Mike Moreno, which makes it all the more pertinent at the moment. But the plan can be done at any time. The main attraction to the 17 Day Diet is the “body confusion” approach. That means that you keep your body guessing, so to speak, by changing up what you eat. This keeps your metabolism from getting stuck in a rut.

While the name 17 Day Diet may sound like a fad diet, because your first impression is that it’s only 17 days until you get to your goal weight, that actually refers to the period of each eating cycle.

Part of the reason the 17 Day Diet is on the rise is its high-profile featuring on Dr. Phil and The Doctors. For more details on how the diet plan works, check out our 17 Day Diet review and 17 Day Diet meal plan review. In this post, I want to look into who is behind this rising star in the diet industry. (more…)

Health Buzz: The 17 Day Diet, Weight Watchers’ New Points System and The Twinkie Diet Lessons

Weight Watchers Announces PointsPlus Program

It’s the biggest change to the Weight Watchers program in 13 years, and will completely change the way dieters count their POINTS.

Healthy Lifestyle Trumps Genetics

Blaming your mom for your heavy hips or your dad for your round belly? That excuse won’t cut it anymore thanks to new research.

The 17 Day Diet

The new book by Dr. Mike Moreno is primed to be the next big thing in dieting. Learn more about this low-carb, cycled method of eating that’s supposed to improve your metabolism for weight loss. Also, check out the Dr. Moreno’s appearance on Dr. Phil below.


The 17 Day Diet as Seen on The Doctors [VIDEO]

As seen on The Doctors Tuesday, November 30, as well as on Dr. Phil, the 17 Day Diet has quickly become one of the most sought-after weight loss plans in the country.

Dr. Mike Moreno, creator of the 17 Day Diet, says you can burn belly fat quickly, lose weight and get a better body in 17 minutes and 17 days.

The 17 Day Diet was designed to help people avoid the holiday weight gain, however, the principles can be applied throughout the year to help you shed a few pounds.

Every 17 days, through four cycles, you’ll change what you’re doing, a method Dr. Moreno says “We call it metabolic, or body, confusion.” The four cycles are as follows: (more…)