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Energy Drinks Can’t Support Claims; FDA Investigates Deaths and Illnesses

When the number of people who have either been injured by or died because of energy drinks continues to climb, the FDA starts getting nosey. “FDA is continuing to investigate reports of illness, injury or death of people who took products marketed as ‘energy drinks’ or ‘energy shots,'” they reported late last year, as the numbers continue to climb at an alarming rate.

To be more specific, WebMD shared the following deaths and illnesses linked to leading energy drink brands:

  • 5-Hour Energy Shots – 13 deaths, 92 illnesses
  • Rockstar Energy – 13 illnesses, 2 disabilities

These reports date back to 2004, but became more prevalent in 2012 as usage continued to climb making energy drinks the fastest growing segment of the beverage industry, according to New York Times. These drinks alone sold an astonishing $10 billion. But the cost to consumers appears to be so much higher.

People are swiping these bottles of liquified energy off shelves by the armful hoping to no doubt have more energy, feel more alert, and have an overall better feeling of wellness. Experts are saying these drinks are no more than glorified caffeine, however, which you can get in a cup of coffee. Dr. Roland Griffiths with Johns Hopkins University told the New York Times, “They don’t want to say this is equivalent to a NoDoz because that is not a very sexy sales message.” (more…)

Energy Drinks: My Very Own Stimulus Package

The only stimulus package I’m ever going to get is in my morning cup of coffee, or on the rare occasion, an afternoon energy drink.

My first choice is Sugar-Free Red Bull. And, since about four billion cans were reportedly sold worldwide in 2006, it’s the choice of most other energy beverage drinkers as well. Generally speaking, best way to keep your energy levels at peak levels is a sensible diet and a regular fitness regimen. But we all have days where life gets the better of us.

The main stimulating ingredients in Red Bull are caffeine and taurine. In its natural form, taurine is derived from animal tissue. At first it was isolated from bull bile, which makes it clear why the name “Red Bull” was chosen. But don’t worry, the taurine used in Red Bull is produced synthetically. (more…)