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Tapeworm Diet on the Tyra Show

Tapeworm Diet on the Tyra Show

UPDATE: This episode will air again on Monday, 5/23/11.

Swallowing tapeworms to lose weight may seem too out there to believe that anyone actually does it. Two women who are willing to try it will be guests on the Tyra Show tomorrow. They and Tyra will be shown the ropes of the tapeworm diet by a specialist who sells the intestinal parasites over the internet. You’ll see how big tapeworms can really get inside your body, plus learn about the potentially fatal risks. (more…)

Tune In: Tapeworm Diet on The Tyra Show

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UPDATE: This show will air again on Monday, 5/23/11.

Tune in, this Monday, November 9 to The Tyra Show to learn about the Tapeworm Diet, one of the most repulsive and extreme diets that have women risking their digestive systems just to be skinny.

The Tapeworm Diet is truly only for those with tough, iron-clad stomachs: Swallow a parasite that eats up everything you consume. As you eat, rather than your food being absorbed and metabolized by your body, the tapeworm devours everything from your breakfast cereal to your afternoon bag of chips, leaving you with a loss of appetite, nausea, diarrhea and of course, weight loss.