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Tara Stiles’ Favorite Yoga Gear

Named the “Yoga Rebel” by the New York Times, Tara Stiles is an internationally recognized and influential yoga teacher based in New York City. She is the author of the book Slim Calm Sexy as well as the owner of Strala Yoga, a non-pretentious yet highly successful yoga studio in the big city. As a former model, Stiles uses her celebrity, yoga teaching talents and humble girl-next-door persona as a platform from which to launch yoga cross-training programs for athletes, as well as designating yoga as an accepted and necessary part of preventative health care. Her second book, Yoga Cures, which covers the health benefits of yoga for a wide array of modern-day ailments, will be out on the shelves in April of this year. Ms. Stiles also inspires many by her choice in yoga products and accessories. For example, she supports the environment by selecting green and sustainable items to use in her practice. Manduka mats top her list as the best yoga mats, as they are non-toxic and eco friendly. Her favorite mat, made with high standards and low environmental impact, is the Manduka eKO Lite. For her hot yoga sessions, Stiles prefers to use Manduka’s eQua HOT yoga towel above other similar products. (more…)