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Photos of Suri Cruise Eating Sweets Spark Rumors of Unhealthy Diet

A picture may say a thousand words, but it doesn’t always tell the truth. Katie Holmes has come under quite a bit a criticism due to some pictures of her daughter at a New York treat shop. Tabloids have been making numerous slams regarding Suri’s diet and Katie’s responsibility as a parent. Holmes’ has rebuked the headlines and not let the buzz effect her parenting.icecream

Paparazzi recently snapped shots of little Suri Cruise in the famous Serendipity 3, a New York Dessert hot spot. Suri was in the shop late with her mother, Katie Holmes. The various shots caught the child with candy and getting ice cream. Of course the media had a hay day. The images led to alluded facts claiming the child has an unhealthy diet full of sweets and treats. Holmes, surely irritated, was quoted stating, “she’s fine, thank you.”

All of this celeb hub-bub about the young daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is almost simultaneous with other tabloid accusations that the child will surely be put on a rigid Scientology-based diet. According to a recent article about the Church of Scientology, at age five, children are required to embrace a low fat and sweets free diet. As Suri is now at that age, the gossip media has more than they can handle.