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Interview with Biggest Loser’s Eliminated Contestants Daniel and David

We didn’t get much of a chance to get to know David, as he left the Biggest Loser week 1 as a result of Alison’s twist; but America did quickly fall for Daniel. He was the heaviest player in the show’s history, a starting weight of 454 pounds, and also one of the youngest at age 19.

Daniel worked out with Jillian at the ranch for 30 days, and lost 60 pounds before being eliminated in week 4. Saying goodbye to Jillian, he said “I love you.” He told us “she’s five-foot-nothing and I’m terrified of this woman,” in a jovial way that shows the respect they have for one another, and the appreciation he has for her. He said in week four when he fell on the treadmill while Jillian yelled at him that that moment was his turning point. All he could think about was being at home on the couch eating ice cream, and that’s when he finally had to admit he is an emotional eater. He now understands what food is and how to put it in its place.

Meanwhile, David was back at home in North Carolina. He said “the camera guys tell you want to do,” and that he was naive enough to think they wouldn’t air video of him eating fried chicken (on what turned out to be his high calorie day). Daniel said it hurt him to finally learn the hard time David was having back at home.

Listen now as David and Daniel discuss the growing child and teen obesity trends, and where the responsibility lies.


Biggest Loser’s Superbowl Recipes by Curtis Stone

curtis stoneAre you guys ready for some football? How about some recipes that will satisfy that innate need to munch during the Superbowl, keep even the manliest appetites satisfied, and that have less fat and calories than the typical game-day fare. You better be ready because we’ve got them! Curtis Stone appeared on Biggest Loser season 7 episode 4, and showed the contestants their stand-by appetizer favorites, and some healthy alternatives.

  • Instead of the Mexican-style layer dip with 1755 calories, try this 7 Layer Dip with shrimp and vegetables. (more…)

Healthy Superbowl Recipes

andrew rubalcavaOur guest post today comes today comes to us from Andrew Rubalcava, a 26-year-old native of Los Angeles, runs the health and fitness blog Go Healthy Go Fit. His “Healthy Tailgating Recipes” series has featured the top authorities on the grill, including Ray Lampe, author of The NFL Gameday Cookbook and David Joachim, author of The Tailgater’s Cookbook. As we prepare for the Steelers vs. Cardinals to face-off on February 1, he offers some healthier snack choices.

Buffalo Wings Are Out: Deli Platters Are In

Everyone gets deep fried wings, but it takes originality to be a good host. Go to your local supermarket deli and order a platter comprised of beef, chicken and/or turkey cold cuts. (more…)

Kick-off the Super Bowl with lighter foods

January first you woke up and decided to shuck those extra holiday pounds. You found a diet that you like and something comfortable to stick with. You’ve been doing well- steadily losing weight, feeling better about yourself. And then- the first road block of the dieter’s new year- Super Bowl.

This Sunday living rooms across America will be piled high with testosterone, beer and plenty of greasy favorites- tempting your self-control. To help you through this main event of eating, as Super Bowl is America’s second largest day of food consumption behind Turkey Day, I thought I’d share some healthier options.

Now listen- healthier does not been bland or boring. These tasty munchies will have your guests saying “we want more” and never once questioning how low-fat-carb-calorie they might be.

Our top Super Bowl food picks are:
Chipotle Chicken Cups
Stuffed Mushrooms
Beef Jerky
Crock Pot Hot German Potato Salad
Chicken and Red Chili Tamales
Pork Fajita Pitas
Buffalo Chicken Wings
Fireside Chili

Don’t deprive your sweet tooth either. Check out Cherry Almond Popcorn Clusters, Rocky Road Brownies and Smorgasbord Fruit Salad.

If these don’t trip your tastebud trigger- search through the more than 600 recipes on Diets In Review that are low-carb and Weight Watchers friendly.

Whether a Patriots or Giants fan- the real winner will be your delicious and healthy Super Bowl buffet.

Super Bowl Could Cause Heart Problems…

… And no, we’re not talking about heartburn from the cheese dip. Experts have noticed that heart attack cases rose significantly in Munich, Germany when their nation’s soccer team was in the World Cup. I know this has translated to football in the U.S., because a fan of my favorite team went down with a heart attack when the Pittsburgh Steelers nearly lost a game on their way to the Super Bowl a couple years back.

So, this Sunday, stay calm and try some heart-healthy snacks.