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SunShine Hampton’s Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

With a name like Sunshine, Biggest Loser contestant SunShine Hampton was destined to shine. And after her inspirational journey on the Biggest Loser season 9, Sunshine’s radiance became more brilliant with each pound she lost and each layer of herself that she peeled away.

Even though SunShine just missed the final four cut of the NBC reality series, she managed to win for herself a bigger prize than she had ever imagined.

“I won the biggest prize already. You can’t put a $100,000 price tag on my health and that is what I’ve gained from being on the Biggest Loser,” says SunShine just following her elimination from the Biggest Loser.

Listen here as SunShine discusses how she navigates through the daily challenges of keeping the weight off while at home, and how her Biggest Loser family still continues to fuel her with support and motivation despite her elimination.


SunShine Hampton: Biggest Loser 9 Contestant

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Learn more about SunShine Hampton now!

sunshine biggest loserAge 23

Hometown Minneapolis, MN

Occupation Server

Team Color Yellow

Teammate O’Neal Hampton, father

Starting Weight 275

Finale Weight 161

Total Loss -114

Family Single (more…)