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Subway’s Jared Gains Weight and Wife

jared fogleJared, the renowned Subway pitchman who lost 245 pounds by eating low-calorie sandwiches, is getting hitched. Jared Fogle is tying the knot with girlfriend Katie McLaughlin, a teacher who Jared met while they both attended Indiana University.

Usually the need to lose weight in the months leading up to a wedding is an issue that is dominated by the brides-to-be. But this time around, it’s the groom who has some work to do. When you’re the most famous weight loss pitchman in the country, it’s hard to ignore.

As is the case with many people who battle weight issues, Jared has slipped up, recently gaining some 40 pounds. He attributes it to “not exercising as much as I should have and not paying attention to what I was eating.” (more…)

Hydrate Like Michael Phelps

Subway sandwichesKellogg’s cereal, Speedo swimsuits and now its special post-workout drinks. Michael Phelps endorsements continue to grow.  Phelps has just put his stamp of approval on PureSport, a kind of drink that packs a protein punch and a slow-energy release fuel that keeps you from sugar-crashing like so many other sports drinks do.

Phelps swears by them as a way to refuel before, during and after the five hours he clocks in the training pool. Each drink features a 2.67:1 Carb to Whey Protein ratio and comes in four flavors: grape, banana berry, lemon lime and fruit punch. Eight 16-ounce bottles cost about $25.

But Phelps isn’t the only PureSport enthusiast, fellow 2008 Olympians, gymnast Nastia Liukin and swimmers Aaron Peirsol, Ian Crocker and Brendan Hansen and have been training with PureSport Workout and Recovery nutritional performance sports drinks with protein as part of the nutritional preparations before the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Michael Phelps Becomes Subway’s New Spokesperson

If you’re like me and miss seeing Olympic darling Michael Phelps break world records in the swimming pool, fret no more. Phelps has recently been named as sandwich-giant Subway’s new pitchman. The new campaign coined “The Champion Food Option,” will highlight Subway as a destination for all of your eating needs. From indulgent subs like meatball and steak and cheese to healthy options like grilled chicken breast, Phelps will endorse their entire line of sandwiches.

For Phelps, the array of healthy and not-so healthy fare that Subway offers is a fitting match. The world-record swimmer ate a gluttonous diet of 12,000 calories a day while in training for Beijing. Sandwiches, usually ham and cheese on white bread, were a staple part of his daily “diet.” So whether it’s a pre-swim snack of a foot-long turkey and cheese on wheat or a post-workout treat of a spicy Italian sub packed with all the fixings, Phelps may really have met his champion food with Subway.

Bernie’s Biggest Loser Episode 4 Recap Part II

Get up-to-speed with Bernie’s recap of Part I.

Due to the presidential debate last night, episode 4 of the Biggest Loser was cut short, however tonight the wonderful folks over at NBC aired the second hour of the show. The second half of the show proved to be worth the wait! In the second part of episode 4, we saw Jillian really get tough and rightfully so, her teams weren’t doing the homework that she was assigning, which on the Biggest Loser is just as bad as sneaking snack cakes in the middle of the night!

We also saw Bob take his team to SUBWAY for a quick bite to eat, which is good because trying to find a place to eat on the go in the “real world” isn’t easy. I love the fact that the show is sharing information with viewers about how to make smart choices when eating out.

At the weigh-in, we saw the orange team Ed and Heba fall below the dreaded yellow line. The orange team was then forced to decide who was going home amongst themselves. In the end, Ed wound up going home leaving Heba to continue on her own.

During his at home follow-up, Ed looked Great! I wish him continued success at home and consider him a real contender for this year’s At-Home prize.

Jared and Subway celebrate 10 years of weight loss

Jared Fogel, the “Subway Guy”, is on a nationwide tour promoting 10 years of maintaining his nearly 245 pound weight loss on what is now known as The Subway Diet. Amazing. He’s currently on a nationwide tour supported by a national campaign from Subway to celebrate and promote the achievement. You can sign his pants as a testament to your own commitment to follow a healthy diet and enjoy other interactive activities on the Subway site.

I’m really proud of him, and equally proud that Subway is beginning to take a serious stand in promoting healthy dining options. The new kid’s meal is terrific: Mini sub, raisins, yogurt, and low-fat milk. Subway is a healthier option than the USDA-subsidized school lunch your child eats everyday, and that was before the beef recall.

Diets In Review congrats Jared on such a monumental achievement in health and weight loss- and wish you luck in your continued efforts and success.