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Too Fat for 15’s Rachel and Alison Sweeney Speak Out about Bullying and Body Image

You don’t have to go far to hear about, or even see for yourself, the very pressing reality that is childhood obesity. The numbers are staggering – 17 percent of U.S. children, according to the CDC – and the results frightening – as this is the first generation of children not expected to live longer than their parents. Of the millions of children and families facing these daunting health concerns, three of them come forward and speak out in tonight’s “Too Fat for 15: The Obesity Crisis,” a first-ever town hall special on The Style Network.

The “Too Fat for 15” series is in its second season, following a group of young teens during their time at Wellspring Academy, a weight loss boarding school. From that series, three students (Tanisha, Carysn and Rachel) will join host and co-producer Alison Sweeney, from Biggest Loser, and Ruby Gettinger, from Style’s “Ruby,” for a lively one-hour conversation about how to inform both children and parents about creating healthier lifestyles at home.

“They knew I was passionate about childhood obesity,” Alison Sweeney told us about becoming involved with the show. Saying that she’s a fan of the series, she added that “It’s so inspiring and so important to get this information out there.” (more…)

Ruby’s Mom May Have Intentionally Overfed Her

A major story line in the latest season of Ruby hovers around her suspicion that she may have been molested or abused as a child, and that she has been repressing those memories for all these years.

In Ruby’s discussions with her mother, I just had a feeling that maybe she knew more about what Ruby went through than she was leading onto. Ruby has eluded to a suspicion that a past doctor of hers has that maybe her mother overfed her as a child to protect her from the wondering eyes of men.


Ruby Recap Season 3 Episode 2: The Search for Her Missing Childhood

rubyI must confess that until this week’s episode, I have only seen Ruby sporadically, and usually only parts of each episode that I stumbled upon. My first impression was that she was so sweet. She has the stereotypical Southern charm, and such a sweet disposition that you can’t help root for her.

Ruby’s show is a 180 from The Biggest Loser, in that it doesn’t share the same combative nature or personalities that are antagonistic. It’s not a competition, rather a sort of open diary as you watch Ruby go through daily struggles and triumphs.

The early drama in season three of Ruby is her struggle with repressed childhood memories – her entire first 13 years. This episode, she and her friends took a road trip to her childhood home in Mississippi. The interesting twist is that she is facing her demons in more ways than one. Not only is she investigating her mysterious childhood, but Mississippi is also the heaviest state in the country, and in Ruby’s case, filled with dietary landmines. (more…)

Ruby Season 3 Premieres February 14

Image via The Style Network

Image via The Style Network

Ruby Season 3 premieres this Sunday, February 14 on the Style Network.

This season promises to have all of the heart, struggle and charm as the two previous seasons in addition to new breakthroughs and challenges as Ruby Gettinger continues on her transformative weight loss journey.

From purchasing her first pair of jeans in years to coming to grips with some very difficult personal questions and answers and from considering plastic surgery to deal with the loose skin from her weight loss, Ruby Season 3 will continue to inspire and motivate.

The season premiere finds Ruby in high spirits, but plagued by recurring nightmares.