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The Mental Switch That Leads to Weight Loss Breakthroughs

Last week, while doing a book interview with the author of “The Cure for Everything,” something happened. I had an ‘a-ha’ moment that made me realize one of my unhealthy habits: I was eating too much.

I wasn’t eating terrible. I wasn’t eating unhealthy; just too much. And I was justifying it with exercise. But all it took was for Timothy Caulfield to say, “We just don’t need that many calories.”

Cue: light bulb. I had a mental switch that made me realize more exercise isn’t the answer, eating wisely and thoughtfully is.

You’ve heard about the mental struggles weight loss and healthy living can bring. More often than not, those mental and emotional realizations are half the battle in having breakthrougs that lead to finally achieving a healthy lifestyle.

One such moment took place for personal trainer Stephanie Mansour when she got to college and dove into an absolute eating free-for-all. Having no regular sports activity and a deep love for food, Stephanie – founder of Step it Up personal training – found herself overeating often as a result of not being mentally connected to her body. These habits led her to develop intense anxiety, sleeping problems and migraines, all three of which required medication. (more…)