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10 Spring Vegetables and Fruits You Should be Eating

Emily Fonnesbeck is the Registered Dietitian for the Biggest Loser Resort, and joins us today to share some of the healthiest seasonal produce of spring!

Spring is here! I love the warmer weather, flip flops, tulips, blossoming trees and especially… spring produce! If I had to list my favorite fruits and vegetables, most of them would be on this list. Spring produce always seems so refreshing after a long cold winter.

Here are some fruits and vegetables you will see popping up in grocery stores and on produce stands. I have tried to give you tips on what to look for when purchasing them as well as how they can help you nutritionally.

Apricots: Try to purchase these ripe or just under ripe. If ripe, try to eat within a day or two or if they need to ripen, do so in the refrigerator. Fruit with a green tinge will not ripen properly so avoid those. Wash apricots just before eating to preserve quality. Apricots are good sources of vitamin A and vitamin C for immune function and maintaining healthy cells and tissues. (more…)

What I Love About the Indy Mini

brooke-randolph-indy-mini-marathon1May in Indianapolis is a big deal. The Indianapolis 500 is the Sunday before Memorial Day, but we celebrate all month. For our First Friday’s gallery walk, most of the stores and businesses on Mass Ave create tire art, which is displayed all month. Some of my favorites this year are Henry’s triple layer cake with a cherry on top, Stout’s extremely detailed eagle, and the huge stethoscope that stretches down a multi-story building.

We are serenaded by the sounds of cars speeding around the brickyard and many take field trips to the track to watch practices, qualifications, and carb day. Carb day is the last day race cars are allowed on the track to practice prior to race day; it is a shortened practice time after which there is the Pit Stop competition and a concert. Race car drivers are at least as famous as basketball players in Indianapolis, and Hollywood celebs join in the fun for the weekend of the race. The 500 Festival kicks off every year on the first Saturday of May with the Mini-Marathon. (more…)

We Love Walking Outside

walkingThis week, what we love doesn’t require that you go to the grocery store in search of a few healthy snacks, but instead, it’s simply an action that we do every day and quite honestly, should do more: walking.

With the long-awaited arrival of Spring, nothing feels better than taking a simple 20-minute walk on your lunch break or a leisurely stroll after dinner. Walking doesn’t cost you a dime, but its health benefits are likely to do more than just keep money in your wallet. (more…)

Vegetarian for a Week Recipe Challenge

My husband recently challenged me to go vegetarian for a week. I laughed when he suggested our breakfasts, lunches and dinners be sans meat for seven days. Then I thought about it, and decided it could be a fun way to sort of “cleanse” for Spring, and create an interesting dietary and culinary challenge for myself. (more…)