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How to Have a Weight-Loss Spa Experience at Home

By Jennipher Walters for FitBottomedGirls.com

We’ve all heard about those beautiful spa and fitness resorts where you travel to a beautiful part of the country and spend a week eating only delicious, low-calorie food, working out with fun and unique activities, and spending a lot of time just relaxing with a massage or some meditation. Ah, it just sounds glorious. But what if a fitness spa retreat isn’t in your summer vacation budget or you just don’t have a full week to dedicate? You create a weight-loss spa at home, that’s what!

The people over at Shane Diet Resorts, a weight-loss spa located 90 minutes from New York City in the Catskill mountains, recently released a guide to re-creating a day at their resort at home. Read on for an hour-by-hour plan for having the best and healthiest staycation ever, no matter your budget or timeline!


Practice Self Care to Curb Emotional Eating

This guest post comes from  
Alesha Sevy,  Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge.

Creating healthy habits is a lifelong journey – you won’t always feel the same from day to day, and you may need to make a consistent effort to create healthy habits that leave you feeling good. At the Biggest Loser Resort, we educate our guests on emotional eating and how to identify when you are actually hungry vs. emotionally hungry. If you find that you are snacking from boredom, stress, happiness, sadness – anything that isn’t actually true hunger, try the simple strategy of doing something else. But not just anything else – take a moment to practice self care. It’s still a “treat” that you can give yourself, and you may actually burn calories in the process rather than consuming!