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Review for the Revival Slim & Beautiful Diet

A makeover for your body, skin and hair? Hmm… I’m intrigued. That is what the Revival Diet is all about. But here’s an important FYI for you: The website address is the Revival Diet, but the actual diet name is Dr. Tabor’s Slim and Beautiful Diet.

Slim and beautiful diet

So what is this inside-out beauty and weight loss regimen all about? The plan itself is a bit confusing to follow. You’ll choose from a list of products like Dr. Tabor’s signature line of snacks, entrees, and protein shakes and create your own meal plan. You’re given some estimated, but by no means precise, guidelines to follow. For instance, you should consume about 1,200 calories a day, but you can “eat a piece of fruit” or “have a sensible dinner” in order to meet these calorie requirements on the Makeover Package.  All of Dr. Tabor’s foods do come with their own nutrition information so there is no guesswork in your calculations if you are just going to limit yourself to eating his products.

I had the recent opportunity to test out some of his “non naughty nibbles.” These crackers come in a variety of flavors like “smaller belt bbq,” and “smaller ring size ranch,” and are made of potato starch and soy protein. They taste like a cross between a cracker and a soy chip and they look like Crispix, the rice and corn cereal duo by Kellogg’s. I was a bit surprised by how much of a spicy punch they packed, especially for the ranch flavor. Each bag contains 100 calories and seven grams of protein. They are definitely crunchy and they quelled my salt-need.

Soy foodsI haven’t sampled any of his beauty products like digestive enzymes, calcium and complete vitamin and mineral supplements.

Each of Dr. Tabor’s foods have quite a unique name to them which makes eating them a bit more entertaining. And his foods are nutritionally-balanced  and many of his shakes, bars and snack foods contain soy, an ingredient that Dr. Tabor feels is a true Superfood.

Here is a complete review of The Revival Diet.

Bob Greene’s Super Foods

Any healthy diet should include a rich variety of foods from all groups to ensure you’re giving your body all of the nutrients it needs. Bob Greene, creator of the Best Life Diet, recommends these five Super Foods. He says while all foods provide vitamins and minerals, these little gems should appear on your plate as often as possible.


1. Olive Oil
Ditch your old cooking oil and switch to Olive Oil. It can raise the good cholesterol and lower the bad cholesterol, has a light and delicious flavor and can be used to cook nearly every meal you make. Request your food be cooked in olive oil at restaurants.

2. Soy
Countries like the U.S. who eat an animal-fat rich diet are more likely to have cancer. Soy is an ideal source of protein, is easy to prepare and can take on the flavor of anything you want. Best of all, it can decrease your chance of heart disease or cancer.

3. Mushrooms
Grill them, bake them, put them in a soup, pasta, salad or kabob- any way you slice them, mushrooms are good to eat and good for you. They are packed with antioxidants, potassium and Vitamin B.

4. Walnuts, almonds and nut butters

While the calorie count might be high in nuts, they offer healthy fats, protein and fiber. Eat a handful of nuts as a snack or enjoy an almond butter sandwich for lunch. You’ll be amazed at all the nutrients such a small food can provide.

5. Eggs

The egg is one of the most versatile foods and has been one of the most controversial. No longer is the egg our enemy. Eggs promote eye health, contain 6g protein, 9 amino acids and 5g of “good fat”, actually work to prevent stroke and heart disease and provide Vitamin D.

Learn more about Super Foods from the original Super Foods list from Dr. Steven Pratt.

Satisfy that Crunch Craving with Glenny’s

Any dieter will confess that cravings are their downfall. You want something chewy, or sweet, or salty, or crunchy. And sometimes- you just have to give in.

Recently, an issue of US Magazine featured actress Eva Mendes saying that sometimes, she just has to have Pringles. I’m not sure which variety of the crave-worthy snacks she indulges in, but here is what Calorie-Count showed for a serving (14 chips) of the original Pringles:
– 160 calories
– 11 grams total fat, 3 grams saturated
– 1 gram protein

The nutritionist Joy Bauer suggested to Eva and other crunchy-cravers that they replace the Pringles and other chips with Glenny’s Soy Chips. Actress Terri Hatcher of Desperate Housewives is a big fan, too! A 1.3oz bag of Glenny’s Soy Chips has less of the bad stuff and more of the good stuff, like:
– 110 calories
– 2 grams fat
– 7 grams protein

Glenny’s Soy Chips come in more than one dozen flavors- sure to satisfy anyone’s craving, whether that be salt and pepper, sea salt, white cheddar, barbecue, caramel, cool ranch or even apple cinnamon.

Check out Glenny’s for other healthier snack options like yummy little 100 calorie brownies, marshmallow treats and snack bars.

Buy Glenny’s snacks

I’m a biter…

… and I can’t help it. I bite pencils, I bite my children (not hard, more like a love nip), and I love foods that I can bite into, like crisp carrots or chewy licorice. And I’m not alone. Time and time again, today’s dieter is demanding a wider variety of healthy snacks to supplement their menu plan, while satisfying the need to chew. If you are a biter too, then you need to bite into Glenny’s snack line. Made in New York with only the finest ingredients, you can find chips, oven baked fries, bars and brownies which not only support your weight loss program, but they are healthy and delicious. I love having healthy snacks around for my boys to grab, and nothing about Glenny’s screams “diet”, making them perfect for the whole family.

The marshmallow treat is gluten-free, dairy-free (vegan) and certified kosher. I’m particularly impressed with the company’s committment to source non-genetically modified soy, a hot topic that many “healthy” snacks seem to ignore. Check them out here, and let us know what you think.