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Rising Shark Fin Soup Demand Endangers Ocean Predators

It’s Shark Week again on the Discovery Channel. Sharks have always captured the public’s imagination, which helps explain the popularity and the existence of a week dedicated to the fearsome predator.

While sharks represent the main predatory fear we humans have, the irony is that sharks are endangered because they are hunted by humans. One of the reasons? Soup.

Shark soup was once just a luxury for the wealthy. But with a growing income base in Asia, the demand for shark soup is also growing. That’s bad news for the already dwindling shark population.


Slow Cooker Meals are Key to Diet Success

beef stewThe weather is cooling off, and now is the perfect time to get out there and exercise. It’s so much easier to run, walk, bike or skate when it’s not a million degrees out with 500% humidity. Fall is my favorite season, and one of the greatest things about fall is eating home style soups, stews and the like.

What do those three sentences have in common and how can you use that commonality to your advantage while pursuing healthy eating? Both call for easy, hearty meals, and both can be resolved with my greatest kitchen friend – the slow cooker. Thick, rich, hearty soups and stews are comforting and filling, and can be made inexpensively – always a bonus in these tough economic times. (more…)

Healthiest Soups for Fall

soup of the dayWhen you think of soup, do you think of a health food or a heart attack? Believe it or not, most people consider soups to be more harmful to health than beneficial. But I’m here to help soup reach its full potential and earn its way back on your “health hero” list. In this post, I’ll explain the pros and cons of soups and I’ll show you how you can enjoy a bowl of healthful goodness no matter what your time availability or cooking skill level.

The Pro: A nutrition boost! Soups can be a wonderful way to get more veggies, fiber, and plant-based protein in your diet. Soups made with low-sodium broth, veggies, beans, and lean protein have a lot of nutrition to offer for 100-200 calories per serving.

The Con: Most people worry about the sodium content of soups so they avoid them altogether. The reality is you have room in your sodium “bank account” for about 600-700mg of salt per meal. If you generally eat a healthy breakfast and lunch then you have room for a soup-salad combo at dinnertime every once in awhile. (more…)

Soup: The Perfect Food for a Recession

With the economic downturn weighing down upon our collective consciousness, many of us are tightening our budgets at least until the storm blows over. Believe it or not, there is a silver lining. That is, you can find new and cheaper ways to prepare meals, and still do it on a tighter budget.

There are many ways you can stay frugal and healthy at the same time. One effective way is to make soups. I think soups (homemade, anyway) are the forgotten weight management tool. There’s a reason soup kitchens are used to feed the poor, and just generally associated with rough times – soups are economical to make, and in large quantities! (more…)

Soup’s Up

While it’s still cold outside, you can enjoy big steamy bowls of soup. There’s nothing better than curling around a bowl and getting all cozy. Soup can be deceivingly good for you though. Bob Greene, Oprah’s favorite diet guru, offers a few healthy tips for making the most of your favorite bowl of soup.

Straight from Bob’s Best Life, here are some simple things to keep in mind the next time you enjoy your favorite soup: For a one cup serving it should have less than 100 calories, 3+ grams of fiber and less than 600 mg of sodium.

Take the guesswork out and look for Bob’s Best Life Progresso Soups at the grocery store- Chicken and Wild Rice, Chicken Noodle, Minestrone and more. Or, try some of these tasty soup recipes at Diets In Review.