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Here’s Funny Man Horatio Sanz, Sans 100 Pounds!

Saturday Night Live alum Horatio Sanz was never my bag. Sure, he could be funny on occasion. But, the incessant cracking up during his skits got tiresome. What is he doing these days? I’m not entirely sure, but one thing can be said – he’s half the man he used to be.


The once portly comedian is now 100 pounds lighter. Here’s a report from the blog at New York magazine’s website:

When we ran into Saturday Night Live alum Horatio Sanz at the Montblanc-sponsored “24-Hour Plays” last week, we couldn’t help but notice how trim he looked! We asked him if he’d lost weight.

Umm, you think? What gave it away?

“I’ve been eating better,” he admitted. “I’ve been trying to come up with a joke about how I’ve lost weight and I was going to say, ‘I stopped putting nuts in my sundaes.'”

Sanz continued the SNL tradition of heavyweight funny men. Here’s to the unlikelihood that he’ll follow in the tragic footsteps of Chris Farley and John Belushi… as long as he’s steering clear of drugs, of course!

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Michael Phelps’ Diet Spoofed on SNL

During the Olympics, Michael Phelps’ diet was a hot topic of conversation. We shared with you his daily habit of consuming more than 10,000 calories. This past Saturday night, Michael poked fun at himself on SNL. The show was even sure to point out that unless you’re training and working out like Phelps does, it’s “almost certainly fatal” to subscribe to this approach.

Subway’s Jared Fogel even pointed out that “this diet sucks a footlong!”