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5 Proven Ways to Stop Yo-Yo Dieting

John McGran, chief editor at Diet-to-Go, has been covering the fields of diet, fitness and health since 2000. He writes from the perspective of a dieter rather than a dietitian.

They call it the yo-yo effect – losing weight only to gain back the lost pounds and more. It’s one of the most frustrating occurrences for dieters. But if you follow five simple tactics, you will avoid regaining lost weight.

1. React quickly – It’s natural for your weight to fluctuate a few pounds, but if you see the scale needle jump five pounds, take action NOW! Don’t wait until you find yourself on that slippery slope back to your old weight. Simply renew your commitment and pick up the calorie-burning pace of your fitness plan and you’ll see the extra weight come off again. (more…)

Sarah Palin Bashes Healthy Snacks [VIDEO]

cookiegateIn a recent speech at Plumstead Christian School in Plumstead Township, PA Sarah Palin criticized the Pennsylvania’s board of education’s work to fight childhood obesity. She bashed the board’s plans to limit the number of sugary foods given to children in school at snack time, calling the proposed guidelines “a nanny state run amok.” Some are calling the incident Palin’s “cookiegate.”

“I look at Pennsylvania and I think of sweets – I think of Hershey. Then I think, how dare they ban sweets from school here,” said Palin. “I wanted these kids to bring home the idea to their parents for discussion,” she continued. “Who should be making the decisions what you eat, school choice and everything else? Should it be government or should it be the parents? It should be the parents.”


The Facts on 100-Calorie Snacks

Pamela Ofstein is the Director of Nutrition Services at eDiets.com, a leading provider of weight loss services, information and products.

It seems that 100-calorie snacks are all around us – most companies have created a version of their own. There are a lot of 100-calorie snacks available in your grocery store, but keep a watchful eye on if they are truly 100 calories, or more than you bargained for!

Now when you think of 100-calorie snacks, you do expect the package to be just that – 100 calories. But, some packaged foods that are advertise as 100 calories only serve up that amount of calories if you eat the recommended serving size. Some packages contain two servings at 100 calories each; so you may end up eating more than you planned on (200 calories or more). (more…)

Movie Theaters Must Post Calories for Snacks

Coming soon to a theater near you… mandatory calorie counts on the items you buy at their concession stands. Not only are those snacks overpriced, they have gargantuan calorie counts. Some of us may be aware of this fact, but when the numbers are staring you in the face, it may finally hit everyone how much those snacks are really costing us!

According to the Wall Street Journal, as part of the health-care reform enacted in March, the FDA will require not just movie theaters, but convenience stores and airplanes, among other places, to fully disclose calorie counts for foods that they provide in order to help consumers make wiser decisions about the foods they eat. (more…)

Is Crunchy Fruit the New Snack Trend?

I recently came across a new product called Funky Monkey, which is a snack tailored towards children. The product promotes being all-natural, real fruit made with the company’s own proprietary freeze-drying process of creating fruit that crunches. Each bag highlights that there is one serving of fruit in every bag. Similarly, Chef Boyardee just started advertising in their canned food line that one serving of vegetables is in every can.

Since when did a serving of fruit come in the form of a crunchy chip or a serving of vegetables come in the form of canned pasta with artificial flavors, colors and preservatives? The healthiest and best options will always be eating the whole fruit or vegetable to get all vitamins, minerals and fiber these amazing produce have to offer. (more…)

10 Healthy Snacks for 100 Calories or Less

We all love to snack. But when it comes to most processed snack foods, not only are they packed with calories, they are also void of nutrients. Even if you’re an angel with your snacking options, it can get kind of boring. Sometimes, you need your snack to have a bit more flair to it.

Here are 10 fun healthy snacks that contain 100 calories or less:

1. One-half of a 100-calorie English Muffin topped with two tablespoons of low-fat cottage cheese: 85 calories

2. One cup of chopped mixed vegetables like cucumbers, bell peppers and celery mixed with one chopped kiwi, fresh dill, fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper: 80 calories

3. Half of a medium apple spread with one wedge of Laughing Cow Light Cheese (any flavor): 75 calories

4. One instant oatmeal packet (plain) mixed with a no-calorie sweetener and cinnamon: 100 calories (more…)

Best Low-Carb Snacks

Pamela Ofstein is the Director of Nutrition Services at eDiets.com, a leading provider of weight loss services, information and products.

Snacking can be a great for weight loss and eating healthy. Snacking between meals helps stabilize your blood sugar levels and keep your energy and motivation high – extremely important when it comes to losing weight. For most of us, it’s hard to stay focused on activities when we have no energy!

If you’re looking for low-carb foods, there are so many great snack choices: non-starchy vegetables (broccoli, cucumbers, celery, cauliflower, green beans), low-fat cheese or cottage cheese, nuts (almonds, pecans, cashews), or peanut butter are some options.


Tune In: Healthy Eating at Amusement Parks and the Ball Park on the Rachael Ray Show

Tune in this Monday, May 17 to the Rachael Ray Show to learn how to eat healthy at the summertime events like amusement parks and the ballpark.

From corn dogs to soft pretzels, find out the healthiest treats to grab once you get off the roller-coaster. And while you’re spending a summer evening watching America’s favorite past-time, find out which snacks at the ballpark will hit a home run with your diet and which treats strike out.


We Love Smartfood Popcorn Clusters

smartfood popcorn clustersThis week, we love Smartfood Popcorn Clusters – a crunchy and nutritious treat from snack connoisseurs Frito-Lay.

We first spotted these charming boxes while flipping through a magazine and within days, DietsInReview Food Finders were pleased as punch to see all three flavors – Cranberry Almond, Honey Multigrain and Chocolate Cookie Caramel Pecan lined up neatly on the bottom shelf of the snack aisle of a local grocery store. (more…)

Snack Smarter for Effective Weight Loss

woman-eating-berriesSnacking isn’t the evil that everyone portrays it to be in a diet. In fact, a healthy snack has a tremendously powerful presence in your daily caloric intake. Of course, what you choose to snack on is key – chocolate cupcakes and Cheetos won’t give you the edge that almonds can. (Darn it!)

The timing of your snacks is extremely important to your weight loss success, too. Try to have a mid-morning snack and a mid-afternoon snack, both in the neighborhood of about 300 calories, to keep your blood sugar level and help you avoid overindulgence at the next meal. Here are some great, healthy choices to keep on hand. (more…)