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The Biggest Loser SlimCoach is an Ideal Gadget for Monitoring Fitness

Biggest Loser contestants have always donned a gadget on their arms, tracking their every move through more than eight hours of exercise each day. This season, the device was seemingly gone. Trust that it’s still there, it’s just discreetly hiding underneath their T-shirts.

The SlimCoach is tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and when clipped under your shirt to a pocket or waist band can barely be noticed. It’s practically weightless, in fact, that smartphone you lug everywhere weighs more.

The SlimCoach offers minimal data from the device, but when synced with your computer and an online dashboard you’ll get a lot of valuable information about your calorie burn and consumption and your progress toward a weight loss goal. On the face of the device is a circle that lights up red at the start of your day. As you progress through the day, whether walking or running, it shows your calorie burn by lighting up green. The goal is to get a solid green circle, which means you’ve met your goal for the day.

I spent some time wearing the SlimCoach and quickly felt I was in a competition with myself. I was going out of my way to move just to make sure that circle turned green. For instance, I stood to fold the laundry instead of sitting, and I was more inclined to hop/run down the stairs. I wasn’t obsessive, but I definitely checked in periodically. With a click to the center of the circle I could see my progress. Barely at half green by noon? Not good enough! I had to keep moving. (more…)

MyTrak SlimCoach Replaces BodyBugg on Biggest Loser

Since Biggest Loser season six we’ve seen Biggest Loser contestants wearing a gadget on their forearms. It was a BodyBugg, and it tracked their calorie burn against their calorie consumption and helped them know precisely what they needed to do to meet their daily goals.

Look for a new gadget this season, the Biggest Loser SlimCoach from MyTrak. It’s far more simple and you can even be a bit more reactive to your progress during the day. Clip it on your clothes and it will track your movements in real time! It syncs with an online database that lets you see long-term progress to goal, which you set when you start your SlimCoach.

Want to know how you’re doing after breakfast, after lunch, or before bed? Simply press the “health circle” in the center of the SlimCoach and it will light up. A fully green circle means you met your daily goal; any percentage of red shows you there’s still work to do. (more…)