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Try Fitbook for Food Journaling

One of the first things I figured out when I got home from the Biggest Loser ranch is that it all happened so fast it was hard to remember it all. Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels had done so many awesome workouts with us, but amidst the sweat, tears and pain I had forgotten exactly how they went.

I also realized that journaling my food intake on the ranch was always the sure way to predict my weight loss for the week. I searched high and low for something that could help me in this area and what I found was short of amazing… the Fitbook! It’s a goal setting, journaling, reminder, planner and motivator all in one. It tracks your workouts and your food. It helps you set daily, weekly, and long term goals. It helps you when you are having those blah weeks to look back to your killer weeks. It is a great tool and I think it has helped me so much that it might you as well!

Watch my video below to learn more about Fitbook. (more…)

Eating Healthy on a Dime: How to Make Your Own Soda

Many people tell me how difficult it is to kick the soda habit. My solution? Homemade soda!

Watch now as I explain how to make it for yourself!


Shay Sorrells is the New Biggest Loser Correspondent for DietsInReview.com

Brooklyn, NY — With anticipation building for the upcoming Biggest Loser 10 season, DietsInReview.com is starting the celebration early by announcing the addition of Shay Sorrells to its growing team of health and fitness experts. A contestant of Biggest Loser’s eighth season, Shay will fulfill the role of Biggest Loser Correspondent for the site throughout season 10. Her contribution will include episodic video recaps highlighting the most exciting moments from each episode and introducing her own reaction.

Additionally, Shay will provide written blog posts and other videos for DietsInReview.com sharing her tips and ideas for losing weight and leading a healthy life. As one of the heaviest contestants the show has ever cast, beginning her season at 476 pounds, she’s since lost 225 pounds, both on the ranch and on her own.

Watch her introduction now, and then read on to see more about Shay and the role Biggest Loser Resort will play.


Garmin Forerunner is a Stroke of Genius

Every phase of life has some tool or product that could make it better. For me right now, since I am training for a marathon, my focus is running. I have found some great tools to help me in this and one of my favorites happens to be a Garmin.

Watch now as I explain what the Garmin Forerunner is and why it’s now a part of my fitness regimen.


Shay Sorrells and Daniel Wright – Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

shay daniel weighLast night seemed like the worst possible scenario for a Biggest Loser elimination. Daniel Wright was sent home for losing the lowest percentage of weight for the week; Shay Sorrells fellow below the yellow line and was eliminated by her fellow contestants. Last season, he was the heaviest contestant to ever be on the show, and this season Shay took over that title. As the two heaviest contestants in history, Shay and Daniel formed the orange team and literally worked their butts off each week to lose on the scale, and to push and motivate one another.

Now, Shay tells us that no matter how many times she fell below, you’re still never prepared to leave the ranch. And Daniel explains in leaving the ranch for the second time he’s now more focused on the emotional barriers in front of him.

They were the likeliest team of two this season. When Daniel asked Shay to join him in forming the orange team, it was instantly a perfect match. Only a few months before was Daniel in Shay’s shoes, even though her 476 pound initial weight was only about 20 pounds more than Daniel’s season 7 initial weight of 454. (more…)

Biggest Loser Shay

UPDATE: Shay Loses 52 pounds to win $52,000 from Subway. Shay will now run a marathon with Jarred from subway for a chance to double her winnings

Eliminated Week 9 – See Shay’s Elimination Interview

Follow along on Shay’s journey in Biggest Loser season 8. Each week we’ll update with accomplishments, weight loss, new videos and more.

Watch the interview by Hollie Self with Shay during week one at the ranch.

shay biggest loserAge 29

Hometown Newport Beach, CA

Occupation Social worker

Team Color Orange

Starting Weight 476

Final Weight 252 (after Subway challenge)

Total Loss -224