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Biggest Loser at USMC’s Camp Pendleton in Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 7 Recap

The week starts off with a very new twist! After the last elimination (of my fav Adam *grrr*) Ali announces two guests into the room, both of whom are United States Marines! They don’t waste any time gearing up and shipping them off to Camp Pendleton for a week of basic training!


Eating Healthy on a Dime: Homemade Yogurt

Making your own yogurt – sounds difficult, right? What is yogurt anyway? Well, that’s beside the point. Today I wanted to show you that homemade yogurt is not as difficult as it sounds!


You Have to be Your Own Motivation in Weight Loss

Many people ask me to help them find motivation, to be their motivation or how to get motivated. Here is the secret… NO ONE BUT YOU CAN BE YOUR MOTIVATION.


Black Team Controls the Elimination in Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 6 Recap

WOW what an episode! This week, instead of the notorious face-off week, only ONE player’s loss will count for each team! Talk about pressure! Of course the strategizing starts at the very moment that Ali gives this news to the teams. The real kicker is that the opposing team gets to pick who weighs in! That is just asking for game play. Oh don’t you just love how Ali brings her Days of our Lives drama to Biggest Loser!

At the glorious four seasons, the teams compete in a cooking challenge! I love that! I wish we could have had a cooking challenge. I love to experiment in the kitchen. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love cooking with Curtis Stone by your side? The Blue team takes the win, over the black team supported by Chef Lorena Garcia, which gives them a 10 second head start in the next challenge.

Try the Grilled Tuna with Herb Tapenade and Succotash and Salad of Green Papaya with Peanut and Grilled Shrimp prepared by the blue team. (more…)

Shay’s Calling Out the Game Players in Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 5 Recap

It’s family game night on the Biggest Loser this week!


Curtis Stone’s Cupcakes and Vegan Dinner at Bob’s in Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 4 Recap

Oh cupcake-dness temptation! Our first temptation (as you saw in the cameo with Jillian admitting to plotting to kill Tracey) was a cupcake challenge! What is with the cupcakes already? I would have been more tempted by cheesy pasta back then! Just FYI, Bob and Jillian totally hate the temptations! I think because it is reinforcing that bad eating behavior based on feelings (i.e. in this case fear, as you saw with Elizabeth). They want us to recognize that you can do bad all by your … work ethic! But they also know that the game gets crazy and it gets in your head and sometimes you play the game just to keep the game players from the game. Confused yet? Good, now you know what it’s like to be on the ranch!

Try Curtis Stone’s Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe and Bob’s Vegan Recipes from tonight’s show. (more…)

Jillian’s Still the Man in Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 3 Recap [VIDEO]

So episode three had some interesting stuff going on. After the first elimination there are a ton of emotions and they did a great job showing how it got in everyone’s heads! I was shocked though to hear Tina have regrets after Allie was sent home, especially after seeing the lack of support Allie had at home. I know this ruffled a ton of feathers in the house. I think it’s awesome that Lisa wants to help Allie, but she will be able to help her a lot more the longer she stays on the ranch and takes care of herself. And to be honest, it’s probably her need to take care of others that got her to the ranch in the first place. (more…)

Buying in Bulk Helps You Eat Healthy on a Dime [VIDEO]

Do you ever find yourself in one of those warehouse stores where they sell in bulk, but you’re afraid you’ll never get through the whole thing without getting tired of it? Well, this week’s healthy on a dime tip will help you save your dimes and your time.


Biggest Loser Contestants Arrive at the Ranch in Season 10 Episode 2 Recap

Here we are at episode two of season 10. We got to know everyone last week and now it’s time to see the fainting, puking, etc. in the gym! First, I LOVE that Bob and Jillian got to pick two contestants to join the rest of those that made it to the ranch! I do notice that  Bob loves us “biggest” Biggest Losers! And we all know that Jillian loves a fighter! They definitely picked the two that I believe will truly benefit from the ranch and that America will benefit from watching their journeys unfold.

The first workout, as always, was brutal to say the least. The trainers beat the smiles off of them! Oh, and not to mention beat the snot, puke, and tears out of them in true Biggest Loser fashion. Welcome to the ranch season 10!

Continue below to read Shay’s recap or watch episode two in its entirety! (more…)

Biggest Loser 10 Premier Recap with Shay Sorrells

They didn’t go BIGGER this year, they went wider, as in nation-wide to find this season’s Biggest Loser contestants! Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels always start out by setting the stage for the season and this time they gave some pretty staggering statistics! The truth is, the shape of America is changing and it’s not for the better, so Biggest Loser is continuing to do their part to shape up America and inspire people to get out and get active!

I love how Bob and Jill got to go to spots across the country, lead workouts, lead challenges and talk with people who have done the journey on their own at home! I also loved how they showed several people who had tried out for the show or were inspired by the show and made the changes on their own at home. Daily, I get Facebook messages and tweets about how people wish they could workout with Bob and Jill and this season tons of people got that opportunity! SO amazing!

I think the whole challenge to get on the ranch is actually a really interesting twist. It really shows a “fight” in people to go after what they want. Yet, it’s heartbreaking because you know everyone needs it, but the reality is not everyone is going to make it. But if I know Biggest Loser like I know Biggest Loser, don’t count these people out too soon! (more…)