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Biggest Loser’s Shanon Arrested for Domestic Violence

shanon thomas mugshotshanon thomasBiggest Loser: Couples’ first episode just premiered last night, and one contestant is already in the spotlight. Shanon Thomas, a 29-year old massage therapist from Centerline, MI, was charged with domestic violence in Macomb County on December 16, 2008. She was arrested and arraigned, after being accused of a confrontation with her tenant, Michael Nolden, a man renting a basement room. He says she yelled at him to turn down the sound on his TV (maybe she was trying to watch the live Biggest Loser: Families finale!), broke Christmas light bulbs and then tossed flour at him.

Thomas argues that Nolden through a pan at her and that he suggested she “get a pizza.” A judged entered a not-guilty plea on her behalf. No trial date has been set, and she’s looking at a possibility of up to 93 days in jail.

Biggest Loser 7: Shanon Thomas

Keep up with Shanon’s journey on Biggest Loser: Couples all season long. Shanon joins partner and mom Helen during the show’s seventh season.

Eliminated Week 7 – See the Interview

Age 29

Hometown Centerline, MI

Occupation Massage Therapist

Teammate Helen Phillips, mom

Team Color Pink

Trainer Bob Harper

Starting Weight 283

Final Weight 191

Total Loss -92 (more…)