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Eat Maca to Boost Your Sex Power

By Abra Pappa for Nutritious America.com

We are just days away from Valentine’s Day, which means buckets of chocolates and red roses to symbolize the ubiquitous love fest that is February 14th are being snatched up across the globe. Roses and chocolates are nice, but what if I told you there is one food that you could add to your diet today to get you revved up for the best night of your life on February 14th? I am talking about a great night, a long amazing night…. okay, I’ll just say it…. a night of great SEX!

I am always fascinated by the extreme power of food, not just because it can be delicious and healthy, but because food, certain foods, have the power to be medicinal. These foods are called superfoods, and they truly straddle the line between being a food and a powerful medicinal compound.

The superfood that I am talking about here is called maca, and it is thought of as nature’s version of Viagra.

Maca has been used for thousands of years as a staple food in the Andes Mountains of Peru. It is a root vegetable that resembles a radish. You will find it dried and ground into a powder in most natural markets across the country, but before you run out and chow down on an entire bag… listen up, there are guidelines.


Gardasil HPV Vaccine Now Approved for Boys

Gardasil, the vaccine used for preventing HPV that can cause cervical cancer and genital warts is now approved for boys.

Gardasil was initially marketed for girls age 9 to 26 to protect against 4 strains of HPV, or the human papillomavirus. HPV is contracted by engaging in any sort of sexual activity. There are currently at least 100 known HPV viruses but this vaccine targets types 6, 11, 16 and 18: 16 and 18 are targeted against cervical cancer, and 6 and 11 aganist genital warts. The vaccine was originally approved in June of 2006 and since has been approved for additional indications including vaccination against vaginal and anal cancers.

Gardasil received approval for prevention of genital warts for boys and men in October of 2009 and approval against anal warts and prevention of anal cancer in October of 2011. The vaccine does give boys and men immunity to HPV type 16 and 18 that cause cervical cancer. Obviously, men cannot contract cervical cancer, but they can pass the strains of HPV to their female partners unwittingly. Men and women can both be carriers of these viruses so having both genders vaccinated is essential to reduce the virus from spreading.


How Fitness Improves Your Sex Life

There’s really no delicate way to approach this subject. Sex, although it’s amazing and natural, is entirely taboo, but we can’t ignore the importance of it in our lives. Not only is sex vital to the survival of the human species but good sex is vital to the mental health of most everyone. That’s not to say that a lack of sex is bad, because abstinence can be a fabulous thing but bad sex- that’s just no fun for anyone. This is why I’m here to tell you that regardless of how old you are or what stage of a relationship you are in, physical fitness is the ultimate catalyst for a healthy sex life. It sounds like a no-brainer, but exercise does more than make you hot and sculpted (although that’s probably plenty to up the ante a bit!) By nurturing your physical fitness you will experience:

Increased stamina If you can huff and puff your way to the finish line of  a marathon then it becomes that much easier to do the same in your sex life! The stamina you build during your workouts will directly follow you into the bedroom.


More Sex for Couples Who Exercise Together

Michael R. Mantell, Ph.D., is a San Diego based Clinical Psychologist in private practice, best-selling author, regular guest on national television and radio, lecturer and authors the long-running weekly column, “Dr. San Diego” for San Diego Magazine’s website. He is also the Fitness Psychologist for The Sporting Club in La Jolla, California and serves as a member of the research and development team for Lululemon Athletica.

Want a sure-fire way to create a better environment for weight management, relationship enhancement and healthy well-being? Work out with your partner.

If you are concerned about your own or your spouse’s weight, health, fitness and well-being, recent research shows that setting time aside to exercise and lose weight together may be just about the best thing you can do to ensure that you’ll both be around for each other for a long time. (more…)

7 Foods That Fire Up Your Passion

John McGran, chief editor at Diet-to-Go, has been covering the fields of diet, fitness and health since 2000. He writes from the perspective of a dieter rather than a dietitian.

I’d much rather eat my way to health and happiness than pop a pill and attain the same results. So when it comes to dieting, I choose to eat my way slim rather than seek out a magic bullet for weight loss.

The same principle applies to perking up passion. Sure, there are plenty of ads for potions or pills that claim to magically transform you into a Casanova. But I’ve discovered that a fine meal with the proper ingredients can spark love and romance without the chemicals!


Ruby Recap Season 3 Episode 3: The 47-Year-Old Virgin

This week’s Ruby began with Ruby chatting with her ex-boyfriend Denny on the phone, which is then followed by one of her “Women’s Fat Night” meetings with some of her heavy friends discussing sex. Then, the bombshell was dropped: Ruby is a virgin.

The declaration opens up all kinds of intrigue and speculation. Sure, the most obvious is wondering what kind of depth of emotional pain one must have to be a virgin at 47. Secondly, how could someone be in a relationship for more than eight years, as was the case with her ex Denny, and not have sex? Their relationship is already intriguing in that you’re looking at a fit guy with a woman who was once 700+ pounds.

While some people may not want to actually say it, that certainly must make most of us wonder. Could he have been a genuinely good person who saw her for who she is on the inside, and not minded her physical shortcomings? Sure. But, the realist – or perhaps cynic – in me has to wonder about his motives. Not that they were necessarily bad, but everyone has to be surprised by the relationship. (more…)

The Best Healthy Aphrodisiac Foods

honeyIf you truly believe that you are what you eat, you might give credence to the thought that there are foods that have a positive affect on your libido. Here are six foods that have long been considered aphrodisiacs; he good news is that, if you don’t believe in this, all are yummy and part of a healthy diet.

Oysters:  These ocean wonders are high in zinc and are thought to increase output of testosterone, which enhances libido in both men and women. A good source of lean protein, the legendary lover Casanova was reported to eat 50 oysters each day at breakfast to fuel his stamina.

Asparagus: Asparagus is a great source of potassium, fiber, vitamins A, B6, and C, and thiamine. Asparagus is also high in folic acid, which is said to boost histamine production necessary for the ability to reach orgasm for women and men.

Honey: A great source of boron, a trace mineral that helps the body use and metabolize estrogen. Studies have shown that this mineral may also enhance testosterone levels in the blood, the hormone responsible for promoting sex drive in both men and women. (more…)

Fever: A Hot New Wellness Beverage

fever drinkEnergy drinks are selling like wildfire. People who prefer to get their perk from a soft drink rather than a coffee cup are downing energy drinks in droves. But, now there’s a new twist on pick-me-up beverages: stimulant drinks. On the surface, it doesn’t sound much different. But, stimulation beverages are designed to enhance sexual desire and performance, balance the central nervous system and create a feeling of euphoria.

Ahh, happiness in a bottle.

Fever is a little different than the average energy boosting drink. In fact, it seems that Fever Beverage USA is marketing their drink with bolder ambitions – as a “wellness beverage” that promotes a “feeling of pleasure and euphoria” and is supposed to naturally enhance your bodily functions throughout the day. (more…)

10 Healthy Sex Fun Facts

kissingAccording to recent studies, the average person has sex 127 times per year and three quarters of the people polled are happy with their sex life. According to a different study, the average sex therapist believes a desirable length of time for sex is between seven to thirteen minutes. Below are the top fun facts about sex, including some healthy benefits!!

  1. Average person burns 170 calories per hour.
  2. Dolphins and humans are the only known animals that have sex for pleasure.
  3. Sex is a great stress reliever. (more…)

Saturated Fat Good For Your Sex Drive, Study Says

According to the American Association of Dietary Studies, an ample level of saturated fat in your diet can lead to a healthier sex life.kissing couple

In a study of 1,500 men and women between the ages of 35 and 50, 92 percent reported having heightened sexual prowess. After the study, the male subjects claimed have much more stamina, while the female participants felt a heightened sense of pleasure with their mates.

“While you may increase your risk of heart ailments, diabetes, and other afflictions associated with saturated fat, you sure will be a lion or lioness under the sheets”, says Dr. Melvin Honus, the lead researcher and professor of health and human studies at St. Raphael College.

Dr. Honus says he has plans for the release of a follow-up study entitled, “Fitness: Too Much Exercise Diminishes Brain Cell Count.”

“Do you think Albert Einstein was training for a marathon or doing squats during his research that brought us the theory of relativity?” says Dr. Honus. “Besides, I have two words for you: Stephen. Hawking.”

Really? Happy April Fool’s Day from DietsInReview.com!