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Despite Being a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry, Only 5% of Americans Practice Yoga

I teach yoga for a living. I manage a yoga studio, I direct a yoga teacher-training course, and I write articles about yoga. Aside from thinking about yoga all day long, I sometimes dream about yoga. This means I am immersed in something that relates to yoga nearly 24 hours a day, on some level or another.

The fact that 15 million Americans practice yoga today doesn’t surprise me. What raises an eyebrow is that there are more than 300 million people living in this country. Do the math and you will learn that less than 5 percent of the population is practicing yoga.

In a society that promotes yoga classes of a wide variety from yoga for Christians to yoga for the family dog, it makes you wonder why everyone is not doing some type of yoga.

To appease my curiosity, I did a little research. I called, emailed, or Facebooked friends and acquaintances that I knew didn’t do yoga and I asked them to give me their number one reason why not. The following is a short list of some of the answers people gave me. (more…)

National Yoga Month Educates the World About Yoga’s Health Benefits

September is a great time for everyone to get back to business. Whether you are returning to school, renewing your fitness resolutions, or incorporating a new and improved healthy diet into your lifestyle, the fall season is the perfect time to establish a new routine.

The month of September is also very special because it was chosen by the Department of Health and Human Services to be the month that highlights, celebrates, and spreads the word about yoga and the myriad health benefits of yoga.

Augmented by an advisory board of leading yoga instructors, National Yoga Month offers something for both new and seasoned yoga practitioners.

Activities and educational opportunities during National Yoga Month are plentiful. From free yoga classes in participating studios across the country to larger, global events and gatherings, yogis worldwide are sure to be inspired to partake or contribute on some level to this wonderful cause. (more…)