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Find Love for Yourself and Your Body by Finding a Love for Fitness

Jane Rides is the inspiration for See Jane Ride Bicycle Tours (www.seejaneridebicycletours.com or www.facebook.com/seejaneride). You can never be sure where she’ll pop up – New York – or Paris – Fashion Week; a royal wedding; or a Penn State football game. She’s always on her bike, always smiling, and always looking fabulous…at least on the outside. Wherever she’s seen, you’ll know that she’s bringing her philosophy of empowerment by encouraging adventure.

I consider myself a citizen of the world, but I call Central Pennsylvania my true home.

It was on the rolling hills and wooded mountains of Pennsylvania where I first learned about the zen-ness of cycling. There was also that incident at the Tour de France but I’m not sure I’m legally allowed to talk about that yet…

Moving on…

As much as I love riding – a commute here, a single-track trail there – I have to admit I’m still a bit of a girl. A girl who has all the same issues that the girls – ahem, excuse me, women – I meet all over the world have. One of them, my dears, is body image.

You look at me and you think, “Dear Jane, what on earth do you have to worry about. You are perfection on two wheels. The hair! The skin! The figure! The lips!”

First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you. I am quite fabulous looking, aren’t I? But more importantly, I feel great. Not every day, that’s for sure. I am still human – and no human who isn’t overly medicated and delusional feels great every day. That’s just not natural.


Weight Gain Affects Khloe Kardashian’s Self-Image

Khloe Kardashian has said that she is always fighting up and down fluctuations in her weight. Even after a year and a half as a spokesmodel for QuickTrim diet and weight loss supplements, along with sisters Kim and Kourtney, she says that she has let herself go and re-gained the weight she had lost. Prior to marrying NBA player Lamar Odom, Khloe reported that she had lost 30 pounds with the QuickTrim supplements and increased exercise. She was even featured on E!’s “Remarkable Celebrity Body Bouncebacks.”

The variance can be seen in all the paparazzi photos of Khloe. Sometimes it is even difficult to recognize her. Khloe told Perez Hilton that she avoids reading what is written about her, yet comments about her weight still impact her. She is quoted, “I feel like no matter what I do, I never look good enough to everybody else.”


How to Nurture a Healthy Body Image

According to a recent study by Psychology Today magazine, twenty-four percent of women and 17 percent of men say they would give up more than three years of life to be thinner. Yet, similar studies report that half of American women underestimate the size of their bodies.

So, why does America have such a distorted body image? Some fault the media, while for others, skewed body image begins during childhood.

Carolyn Strauss, a plus-size model and  author of Specialty Modeling, told SheKnows.com that the biggest danger of a negative body image lies in the power it gives away.

“When someone has a poor body image, she will try to find validation from outside to make her feel better. The next diet, the next fashion fad, the next boyfriend, anything but where she is now. Instead of living in the moment, she may find herself living for ‘when I look better,'” Strauss says. “Remember, the goal of most [commercial] advertising it to make you ‘not okay’ so that, upon using that product, you will become okay.”


Piloxing Combines Pilates With Boxing for a Killer Workout

Leave it to Hollywood to come up with the newest fitness craze of the year. Piloxing is a deadly combination of Pilates and boxing. Founded by Swedish dancer and celebrity trainer, Viveca Jensen, this style of training incorporates the benefits of each and turns them into an intense “fat torching, muscle sculpting, and core-centric interval workout.” Not only does Piloxing blow the heart rate out of the water, but it tones and strengthens the body with the use of weighted gloves. If you have been struggling to find a new routine or motivation in general, this is the perfect style of training for you. Get ready to incorporate fun with fitness.


50 Things You Can do Today to Improve Your Health

Most health and fitness advice is full of don’ts: Don’t eat after 7, don’t eat fast food, don’t enjoy anything you eat, ever again. That negative connotation is why people view fitness and weight loss as a punishment, or something to be white-knuckled through.

Lasting change is made when you build a habit- and habits are made by systematically DOING something repeatedly until it becomes ingrained. Depriving yourself will not build habits, being proactive will.

So instead of pummeling you with more “don’ts” to make you feel like a failure, here are 50 things you can DO, today, that will improve your health. Pick one a day to try out, or choose one and repeat it everyday until it becomes a habit, but either way, these little “dos” will boost your health the second you do them.


10 Tips for Better Body Confidence

Jennipher Walters is co-founder and editor of Fit Bottomed Girls, a website featuring fresh fitness content for real women and girls interested in improving their lives through physical activity and sensible eating. With the slogan of “Keeping a Lid on the Junk in the Trunk,” the Fit Bottomed Girls have fun incorporating workouts into their daily lives and hope to inspire other women to do the same. After all, fit bottoms come in all shapes and sizes!

All of us suffer from poor body confidence every now and again, but if you’re disliking yourself and your body more often than not, it’s time to learn how to love yourself. Follow these 10 tips to start looking and feeling your best!

1. Sit up straight! Want to lose 10 pounds in 3 seconds? Sit up straighter. Draw those shoulders back, tighten those abs and walk with confidence. Talk about a quick makeover! (more…)

Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo Spawns Cardio-Kickboxing Craze

Tae Bo creator Billy Blanks

Tae Bo is an aerobic exercise routine created by Billy Blanks in 1976, but didn’t really become popular until the 1990s. During the 1990s, it was the first successful “cardio-boxing” routine to take over commercially with over 1.5 million copies of Blanks’ DVDs sold.

The combination of dance and mixture of martial arts and boxing took the world by surprise. After the craze of Tae Bo; health and fitness clubs started offering cardio-kickboxing classes (similar to Tae Bo) to their members. Cardio kickboxing has been extremely popular ever since, because with its mix of intense cardio and fun moves, it’s hard not to see results.  An hour of Tae Bo or cardio-kickboxing will burn between 600 and 800 calories. Check below to see the benefits of these two aerobic programs.   (more…)

Fat Talk Free Week Promotes a Healthy Body Image

Did you know that this is “Fat Talk Free Week”? Don’t feel bad, neither did I until I heard about it at EduInReview.com. “Fat Talk Free Week” is a campaign to bring awareness to how common conversations can contribute to poor body image, low self-esteem, and eating disorders. Off limits this week are any conversations or comments about flattering or unflattering clothes, discussion of your own or someone else’s weight, any mention of ‘feeling fat’, or negative assessments of one’s body. While this campaign is focused on undergraduate students, it could be beneficial for all of us to undertake at least one single “Fat Talk Free Week”.

“Fat Talk Free Week” was designed around research that suggests when you speak and act counter to popular opinion, you will begin to integrate that counter world-view into yourself. Eric Stice of the Oregon Research Institute found a 60 percent reduction in eating disorders for high school and college students who participated in a program that critiqued the thin ideal and fostered positive self-images, according to this article at Time. (more…)

Helping Teen Girls Avoid Diet Pills

Constantly bombarded by images of super skinny, size 0 models and movie stars such as Mary-Kate Olsen, teenage girls are sent overwhelming messages to be skinnier, smaller, and even tinier than ever. One tool that many young girls are turning to is the use of diet pills, such as hoodia and Hydroxycut.

A 2006 University of Minnesota found that more than 20% of 19-year-old girls confess to using diet pills. “These numbers are startling, and they tell us we need to do a better job of helping our daughters feel better about themselves and avoid unhealthy weight control behaviors,” University of Minnesota professor and study researcher Dianne Neumark-Sztainer said. (Neumark-Sztainer is also the author of the popular book, “I’m, Like, So Fat!“.)

Diet pills are ineffective and in many cases, extremely dangerous, even to the point of being linked to death in users. The study also found that more than 62% of teenage girls use unhealthy weight control behaviors, including the use of diet pills, laxatives, vomiting or skipping meals to control their weight. The study found that teenage males had rates that were less than half of the females. So, clearly, there is a problem facing our girls.

What can we do to help our daughters avoid these unhealthy actions? (more…)

Michelle Obama’s Obesity Comments about Sasha and Malia

Michelle Obama has had a tremendous impact on American families with her push for living healthy and goal of eliminating childhood obesity in her role as first lady. She announced recently that her new initiative aimed at targeting childhood obesity is under way, and adds that her feelings on the program crystallized when she was faced with a less than favorable report from her daughters’, Sasha and Malia, pediatrician.michelle obama children

“We went to our pediatrician all the time,” Obama said, via ABC News. “I thought my kids were perfect — they are and always will be — but [the doctor] warned that he was concerned that something was getting off balance.”

Mrs. Obama says that she was too close to really see the changes in her girls and when the doctor suggested that Mrs. Obama look at her daughters’ BMI numbers, she made small diet changes. Those small changes that she made in their daily habits helped to pull the numbers back into balance.

Instead of being applauded for her efforts, Mrs. Obama has been the subject of controversy for her use of the word “diet.” Reports have said that by using her daughters as an example, she may have harmed their self-esteem. Some critics have said that she should have focused more on lifestyle change, instead of weight loss. (more…)