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Sears Leads Fitness Equipment Sales

Dishwashers, power tools and fitness equipment at Sears? Sure! You may know them as the place for appliances, but now Sears has established themselves as the nation’s largest fitness retailer.

“Whether just starting a new workout routine or a longtime ftness enthusiast, customers want a complete solution,” said Hugo Malan, SVP and president, Fitness, Sporting Goods and Toys at Sears Holdings. “Sears sells more fitness equipment than anyone else and we believe in continually improving our offering, so we have built an online fitness community and developed new destinations that attract customers both in-store and online.”

Sears is continuing an initiative they began in 2011 to help consumers achieve their fitness goals by creating their “Fitness Flagship” store-within-a-store. Now in over 35 sites, the 6000 sq. ft. specialty stores feature polished hardwood floors, tall mirrors, expanded equipment layouts and resemble a modern, high end gym. The staff is trained on both fitness products and fitness trends.


Sears Fit Club Helps You Reach Your Fitness Goals

Did you know that Sears is the nation’s number one fitness retailer? This nationwide mega store is now taking its expertise in fitness training and equipment and expanding it through the ever-growing world of social media with the Sears Fit Club.

The Sears Fit Club is a community committed to helping you get and stay fit through exclusive access to premiere articles, videos and expert opinions, as well as tips and encouragement from others. With a Facebook page and Twitter account, Sears Fit Club provides 24/7 support both over the phone and online to answer your questions while also updating you with their own health advice and fitness tips.

The Fit Club is comprised of five Sears associates who have faced or are currently facing a different fitness challenge. Through their online profiles, which are accessed through the Sears Fit Club Facebook page, you can read about their ups and downs, learn from their expert advice, ask them questions and offer your own health tips and suggestions. (more…)