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Bus Stop Doubles as “Weight Bench”

How’s this for a brilliant marketing campaign for a gym: publicly humiliate your potential new customers, which (in theory, a very strange one at that) will bring them in to sign-up for a membership.

Sounds a little counter-intuitive, right? Well, apparently the folks at Fitness First in Rotterdam, Netherlands don’t think so. You see, they came up with the bright idea of connecting their digital bus stop ad to the bench, which then immediately weighs you and displays the number for all to see. (more…)

Find Your Happy Weight

From BMIs to skin calipers, there are many different tools and calculations you can perform to measure your weight. But many of these numbers are just that – numbers that are averaged from hundreds of statistics on risk factors for illness and other health predictors. What about finding your ideal weight? The one that feels good for you and most importantly, that is realistic.

In a recent health article by Karly Randolph Pitman, she elucidated five tips for finding your healthy weight. The five tips are:

1) Recognize Your Own Body and its Own History. Self magazine features a healthy weight calculator that takes into account your age, height, children and activity level. As a caveat, I took this health assessment and if I weighed what the Self Happy Weight calculator suggested I could weigh, I would not be very happy. While Pitman’s other tips for finding your ideal weight are pretty spot-on, this Self Happy Weight Calculator could use some fine-tuning. (more…)