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Confused About How Healthy Eggs Are?

Famously fidgety comedian Lewis Black had one of his more famous rants about how infuriated he got with the health recommendations for eggs:

The people who told us about sun block were the same people who told us, when I was a kid, that eggs were good. So I ate a lot of eggs. Ten years later they said they were bad. I went, “Well, I just ate the eggs!” So I stopped eating eggs, and 10 years later they said they were good again! Well, then I ate twice as many, and then they said they were bad. Well, now I’m really f#%!ed! Then they said they’re good, they’re bad, they’re good, the whites are good, th-the yellows – make up your mind! It’s breakfast I’ve gotta eat!

I guess I’m just as confused as Mr. Black, because I thought the latest findings were already confirmed. But if I’m mistaken, here’s the latest: There’s no reason to limit your egg intake, as it has little to no impact on your cholesterol levels. (more…)

5 Things to Remove from Your Diet Today

Store-bought cupcakes are guaranteed to have these five unhealthy ingredients.

Everyone from Biggest Loser trainers to Dr. Oz and less famous nutritionists will urge you to remove these five food ingredients from your diet. Today. Making a habit of reading food labels can make a meaningful difference in your weight loss efforts.

Know what is in your food, and make a conscious effort to cut out these ingredients:

1. High Fructose Corn SyrupA man-made sweetner with zero nutritional value. The list without HFCS is shorter, but a few examples include soda, fruit juice, cereal, condiments, cookies, pickles and even cough syrup.

2. Sugar – A cup of white granulated sugar has 774 Calories. You’d have to walk for 90 minutes or swim for an hour to burn that off. Don’t burn it off? It converts to fat. (more…)

To Eat Fish, or Not to Eat Fish – That is the Question

I was reading an article discussing whether or not it is safe for people to eat fish. There is much controversy and debate over pregnant women not eating fish because the mercury found in fish can have a detrimental effect on fetal brain development. However, a more recent study showed that children of women who ate fish on a frequent basis did better on tests displaying higher cognitive scores compared to the children of women who did not eat fish.

There is no doubt that fish is a healthy food– it’s a good source of high-quality protein, contains essential nutrients, are low in saturated fat, contain omega-3 fatty acids and DHA; all of which are vital to brain growth and development and help reduce your risk of heart disease. However, some caution is needed regarding eating too much fish that contain high amounts of mercury. (more…)

The Low-Down on Fats

Fats, just like protein or carbohydrates, are essential and your body needs fat to function properly. However, too much fat can have detrimental effects on your body, initially being weight gain and could result in heart problems or cancer.

cooking oilFat serves numerous roles in the body:
– an energy source
– used in production of cell membranes
– helps hormone-like compounds regulate blood pressure, heart rate, etc.
– carries fat-soluble vitamins (Vit. A, K, E, & D) from your food into your body

Most foods contain several different kinds of fats, including saturated, polyunsaturated, monounsaturated and trans fats, and some are better for your health than others. Don’t completely eliminate all fats; rather, choose the healthier types and eat them in moderation.

Let’s break them down!
When choosing fats, your best options are unsaturated fats: monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Replacing your unhealthy fats with the healthy ones you could see results like reducing your risk of heart disease and reducing your total and LDL-cholesterol. (more…)