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9 Places You Can Workout Next to a Celebrity in LA, New York, and Chicago

OMG! It’s really them! That moment you realize you’ve identified a celebrity in the wild, out amongst mere mortals, living “just like us,” can be rather thrilling. For those who live in LA or NYC, it’s all too common to dine next to the hottest faces and grocery shop elbow to elbow with leading ladies, but for people in the other 48 states, running in to a celebrity on vacation is one of the souvenirs you hope to collect.

If you’re planning an active vacation this summer, hit these workout hot spots and you’re likely to sweat right alongside an OMG-moment-worthy celeb.

Picture or it didn’t happen, your friends will say after your excited tweet. But should you even let them know you know it’s them?

“When I see celebs in the gym, I think it’s poor personal etiquette to approach them during their workout,” advised Dan Flores, RTSm, a master personal trainer based in New York City. “I value my personal gym time and would hate to be interrupted. I would approach them after they were finished and on their way out of the gym.”

— New York City

heidi klum russell simmons

Central Park is no stranger to the rich and famous; in fact, it’s practically their cardio playground. Free to enter, take your morning run to one of the most famous landmarks in the world and you’re sure to spot a name or two worth bragging about. Heidi Klum, Russell Simmons, and Gwyneth Paltrow are on the extremely short list of A-listers you’ll run or down-dog along with!

The Mark Hotel has a state-of-the-art fitness facility that rivals any gym getting your membership fees. Book your stay here, and your workout may coincide with that of Oprah, Sarah Silverman, Larry David, David Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, and even dignitaries like the President of France! (more…)

Russell Simmons Shares His Love of Yoga with New Lifestyle Brand Tantris

Every thing Russell Simmons touches turns to gold, and now the hip-hop mogul and avid yoga lover is launching a whole new business venture sure to be a hit. Simmons has announced he will be teaming up with Gaiia Enterprises Global Ltd. to develop Tantris, a lifestyle brand for men and women including yoga fashion and activewear, yoga equipment, prayer beads, and relaxation accessories.

Simmons fell in love with yoga and wants to share it with the world in the best way he knows how- with style.

“Yoga is meant to relieve the noise. After doing yoga, I feel alive and awakened. I want to give people that feeling or to teach people who want to learn more about yoga,” Simmons said.

You will only be able to find Simmons’ Tantris line in select department and specialty stores, but Simmons hopes to extend Tantris into its own stores, yoga studios and juice bars.


Russell Simmons PETA 2019 Person of the Year

I find Russell Simmons fascinating from the perspective that he is a maverick in every sense of the word. He’s not just a successful business man, but he’s a legendary figure in the notoriously macho male world of hip hop, yet he’s a vegan, animal rights activist, and avid practitioner of yoga and Transcendental Meditation (TM).

It’s the vegan and animal right part of his lifestyle that has earned him the honor of PETA 2019 Person of the Year. He’s in good company, since last year the honor went to former President Bill Clinton for raising awareness about the health benefits of a vegan diet.

In a written statement, PETA says that Simmons earned the honor because “he tirelessly advocates for animals and sets a positive example for others by promoting a vegan lifestyle.”

Simmons is known for spreading the word on how his philosophy of compassion and his vegan diet has made his life better for it. You can’t accuse him of mincing his words:

“The horrible abuse of animals is the worst karmic disaster in the history of human kind,” said Simmons. “The work that PETA does to combat this catastrophe is amazing. I’m truly humbled to be chosen as this year’s Person of the Year but the praise should go to the hundreds of thousands of volunteers that are on the ground doing the work. I accept this honor on their behalf.” (more…)

Russell Simmons Says Yoga Speeds Up our Evolution

Depending on your connection to the music industry, fashion industry, philanthrophy, business or even fitness, Russell Simmons is someone different to all of us. That’s how you get the title of mogel, though, you excel in a variety of different areas. Simmons’ career includes being the co-founder of Def Jam Records, creating fashion labels PhatFarm, American Classics and others, writing several books, and making philanthropic efforts a priority.

Running an empire like Simmons does, as the third wealthiest person in hip-hop, takes a lot more than an efficiently planned calendar, it takes a lot of balance that has to come from within. Simmons strikes that balance by giving a lot of priority to a dedicated yoga practice, being a vegan and finding spirituality as a Buddhist.

He’s about to show the world how he does it all in a new show on Oxygen, “Running Russell Simmons,” which premieres November 2. Like any good man there’s a better woman behind him, and in the case of his company Rush Communications, there are several women behind him. The show will give an exclusive look into his team of assistants, available to him 24/7, and how they help him run the business, his professional life and his personal life.

We had a chance to speak with Simmons, and executive assistant Simone, one of the stars of the show, as they prepared for the premiere. He opens up about how yoga is a key factor in helping him manage his professional and personal lives. He and Simone also discuss the fit and healthy corporate culture of Rush Communications.

Click below to listen to the interview, and continue reading to learn more about how yoga influences his, and his company’s, life. (more…)