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Scientists Take a Closer Look at the History of the Runner’s High

Frequent runners know that not every run they set out on is going to be a good one. It just isn’t how running goes. Somedays are just, off.

But sometimes, when everything falls into place, an exceptionally good run happens and runners feel like they could go forever. And perhaps the best part about these runs is the elusive runner’s high that follows.

Not everyone has experienced a runner’s high. But those who have seek it almost like a drug, never wanting to come down from their cloudy, elevated state, and seeking it all the more intently the next time they hit the pavement. But where does a runner’s high come from?

Scientists believe the runner’s high is triggered by the endocannabinoid system. Similar to cannabis in marijuana, endocannabinoids are a chemical that can alter and lighten our moods. Our body produces them naturally, and have been shown to increase after prolonged running and cycling. (more…)