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How To Find Lasting Weight Loss

eDiets.com made its mark online for offering professional guidance through meetings and personal guidance for its members. Now, there are more and more companies taking their health expertise to the masses via online counseling and guidance. Plenty of people can lose weight. But it’s often the case that people will gain back that weight they were so dedicated to shed. Researchers have found that people who have lost weight were more apt to keep it off if they had periodic personal chats with a counselor.

Popcorn Horror Story

Popcorn Lung. It’s a new condition people may suffer, thanks to an artificial ingredient that helps butter your favorite movie snack. Tests on mice show that diacetyl, a component of artificial butter flavoring, can cause a condition known as lymphocytic bronchiolitis.

I Know It’s Going to Come as a Shock…

Now here’s some breaking news… losing weight by diet or exercise is good for your heart health. Sarcasm aside, the crux of this study is that no matter how you lose the weight – whether you do it by diet or exercise – it doesn’t matter; you can return to a youthful heart. Excess weight and obesity have been shown to affect the heart’s elasticity. You can get back relaxed heart muscles by losing those excess pounds.