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Don’t Knock Food Journaling Until You Try It

‪Renee has been blogging for two years and is the author of Cutie Booty Cakes. She loves fitness, family and fun. She’s lost 48 pounds and has shared her journey to healthy living to motivate others and stay accountable. She is currently training for the Nike Women’s Half-Marathon and raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. You can find her writing on BlogHer, The Special K Victory Project, EA SPORTS Active, and many other places around the internet.‬

Since the week of Thanksgiving 2009 I’ve lost about 50 pounds. People that hear about my weight loss immediately want to know my secret. I always answer honestly and say “diet and exercise.” I’m sure this is not the answer people want to hear but there is no magic bullet that will take away the pounds. Consistency in both diet and exercise are the key to healthy living and weight loss.

Now, there are tools that make the process easier. One thing that I highly recommend is maintaining a food diary. I can hear the collective sigh out there from folks not interested in chronicling every morsel that crosses their lips, however, food journals work! I admit I was not on the food journal bandwagon initially but once I started doing it, I realized that it truly helped me to understand not just what and how much I was eating but why I was eating. (more…)

Diet Tips for a Busy Mom from Renee Ross

cutie booty cakesHaving kids changes your life in profound ways. Your every moment becomes about your child – you no longer make decisions that affect you solely, and every choice that you make now has a deeper meaning. (You also no longer have privacy in the bathroom, but we won’t discuss this. It’s the part of Motherhood that has scarred me forever. Ahem.)

One common refrain from moms is, “I’m so busy! I can’t possibly fit in any exercise!” Renee Ross of Cutie Booty Cakes has taken that refrain and blown it out of the water. Listen as she shares her tips on using technology such as Wii Fit to get it done, no matter what.