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Grow Your Own Spring Salad on Regis and Kelly

lettuce in a garden bedTune in Friday morning on April 15 to Live with Regis & Kelly for the first of a two-part segment on how to grow your own spring salad. Matthew Benson, a contributing editor at Organic Gardening magazine, will show you everything you need to know about starting your own organic garden. He will discuss fertilizers, planting seeds and protecting them from unexpected frost. Plus, Benson will discuss cool weather vegetables that you can take pride in serving as part of a home-grown salad.

This segment combines two of my passions: sustainable food and healthy eating. Not only are organic vegetables good for your health, they’re also good for the planet’s health. Check your local listings for exact show times.

Organic Gardening magazine is a valuable resource to gardening enthusiasts who are interested in cultivating their own food.

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Trudie Styler on LIVE! with Regis and Kelly

Trudie Styler Weight Loss Yoga DVDTune in to LIVE! with Regis and Kelly tomorrow, April 8th to catch Trudie Styler talking about the benefits of yoga. Styler, wife of singer Sting, is a lover of yoga who has created a series of workout DVDs with the help of fitness expert James D’Silva.

As a special guest on the show, Styler will be discussing weight loss through yoga, and her newest DVD that covers this topic. Trudie Styler’s Weight Loss Yoga DVD provides four workouts that can help you de-stress and shed pounds. This routine is easy to follow and is great for those who are new to yoga. These workouts can help you reach a number of fitness goals, including building strength and getting a flatter stomach. Styler and D’Silva also have another yoga DVD, called Warrior Yoga.


Suzanne Somers on LIVE with Regis and Kelly

Tune in this Monday, January 10 to LIVE! with Regis and Kelly to see Suzanne Somers talk about her new book Slim and Sexy Forever: How to Fight Fat Over 40.

Suzanne has long been the perfect image of health and beauty ever since her entertainment career began on the hit sitcom, Three’s Company. After a serious battle with breast cancer, Suzanne came out looking and feeling better than ever. Today, she continues to be a role model for women of all ages who want to continue to be and feel their best as they get older.

Her new book is a weight loss and health plan that helps women take control of their health and beauty, regardless of their age. Her plan, Sexy Forever can also be followed online. Both the book and online weight loss program show women how their shifting hormones, the combination of foods they eat, and even the cosmetics they wear on their bodies play a role in the ability to lose weight.

Suzanne will give you on the inside scoop on her new project with Regis and Kelly.

Check your local listings for exact show times.