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Ruby, the Inspirational Weight Loss Journey

This is the story of Ruby, a nearly 500 pound woman trying to completely overhaul her lifestyle in order to lose weight and save her life. Ruby has come up with a team to help her through this weight loss adventure. Her team consists of personal trainer Reese Brown, and weight loss physician Dr. Bradley (the founder of the Hourglass Weight loss and Fitness wellness program), Dr. Brewerton, a psychiatrist helping Ruby with the mental component for weight loss, her personal physician Dr. Corse, and finally her dietitian Helen Hussey. Ruby will run on the Style Network, where they have a great break down of every aspect of Ruby’s diet and exercise regimen, friends/social support system, her blog, bonus scenes from the show, and more. I will be providing weekly episode recaps for those interested in staying updated on Ruby’s progress. (more…)