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The Juice Press Founder Spills on the Benefits of Raw Foods [VIDEO]

The Juice Press, East Village NYCFrom the exterior, The Juice Press may seem like many of the other smoothie and juice bars that can be found in any metropolitan area in the U.S. But this particular shop, with a location in the East Village and another soon to be opening, offers only organic and raw foods. All of the juices are cold-pressed and the menu includes sandwiches, chia seed pudding, soups, vegan desserts and salads.

Shops like the The Juice Press are proof of growing interest in raw diets. Supporters argue that raw plants are the richest source of nutrients, and that eating a diet consisting solely or mostly of raw foods will result in better health.

Marcus Antebi, founder of The Juice Press, came to raw foods in the course of his competitive muay thai boxing. “I was trying to get an edge with my training,” he explains. Antebi found that drinking freshly pressed juice and consuming raw foods helped him maintain a high level of physical activity without bulking up.” I had an ulterior motive, I wasn’t trying to seek ultimate health, I was really just trying to get better output.”

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Activity and Plant-Based Diet Lowers Cancer Risk, Even Later in Life

This year will see an unprecedented surge in the number of Americans becoming eligible for Medicare, as the leading edge of the baby boom generation begins to turn 65. Today, about 1 in 10 Americans are 65 and older; by the year 2030, according to the Alliance for Aging Research, that number will climb to 1 in 5.

Experts at the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) said today that these statistics paint a grim picture, because aging is the number one risk factor for cancer, and as the U.S. population grows older, cancer incidence – and the costs associated with it – are expected to soar.

The cancer experts noted, however, that much of the cost, loss and suffering of cancer doesn’t have to happen. They pointed to encouraging scientific evidence that many cancers can be delayed or even prevented through a good balance of “self-protection” which includes regular physical activity and a plant-based diet.


Dieting in the Raw

The raw food diet approach has gained some popularity in recent years. But some of that may be pure curiosity rather than a commitment to the purported health benefits. A raw diet is an organic and vegetarian approach to eating that is supposed to detoxify your body and help you shed pounds. The theory is that when foods are cooked, they lose some of their vital nutrients. The folks who produced the documentary Raw For 30 Days set out on an experiment. Given the massive obesity epidemic that the U.S. is facing, they came up with the idea of taking six diabetics and putting them on the raw diet for 30 days to see how it would positively affect them. Think of it as the anti-Supersize Me (by Morgan Spurlock).

The documentary sets out to prove that a raw diet had nearly immediate health benefits, as evidenced by the participants’ quick sugar level drops. There are surely many reasons for this. The skeptic in me says that the reason their health made a quick turnaround was simply that they gave up junk and processed foods. If you eat all natural foods, it will be a positive thing. Is it because it wasn’t cooked? I have my doubts, but as I’ve said before, while it’s a very extreme way of eating, it’s not extreme in an unhealthy way.The general moral of the story is that healthy natural foods are your best medicine. Decide for yourself, and learn more about the documentary Raw For 30 Days.