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Raven Symone Shows Off Her Even Thinner Frame at Her Broadway Debut

Actress Raven Symone is still wowing the public with her new slim figure. The actress turned heads once more last week as she walked the red carpet at the premiere of her Broadway debut in “Sister Act.”

Symone rose to fame as a child actor starring in “The Cosby Show,” and then Disney’s “That’s So Raven.” Since Symone’s last stint in the limelight, she has lost nearly 70 pounds and many exclaim she’s nearly unrecognizable from her former curvy self.

Spotted at the Broadway premiere on March 27, Symone was wearing a mini skirt that showed off her now very thin, sculpted legs. Throughout the last year, Symone has been flaunting styles that accentuate her new frame. However she mentions not liking all the attention.

“I thought I looked fabulous before and nobody else did. So, whatever. Actually, now I wear bigger clothes because I don’t like the way people stare at me. I liked it before. Now you’re just looking at me for the wrong reasons. Before, you were actually looking at me for a real reason.”

Symone has always stood by her curves and insisted she was comfortable with her body. She explained to talk show host Wendy Williams how she came to be in this new body with fewer curves.

Raven-Symone Drops 70 Pounds After Taking Time Out of the Spotlight

Raven-Symone is no stranger to the spotlight. She started acting at a very young age as a child star on The Cosby Show. As she grew up, she also landed her own TV show titled That’s So Raven which was a huge success.

The curvaceous Raven-Symone has always encouraged others to be comfortable in their own skin, no matter what their size. That is a motto that she has lived and continues to live daily. Now Raven-Symone is not only comfortable in her skin, she’s also comfortable in her clothes.

The star has recently dropped 70 pounds from her frame. “It’s great to put on clothes and not wear a girdle,” she says. She started focusing on her health after deciding to take some time off from the spotlight in 2007.

To drop the weight, Raven-Symone started exercising and making big changes to her eating habits. She worked out at least four times per week, including time on the elliptical machine during her sessions. For her diet, she traded in cupcakes and other unhealthy foods for oatmeal and apple slices for breakfast along with salmon and steamed asparagus for dinner.


Raven-Symoné Defends her Weight and Inspires Young Girls

Celebrities and their weight – it’s a topic that sells magazines and fills up hours of airtime on television talk shows. Even though the majority of Americans are overweight or obese, when it comes to celebrities, we’re pretty intolerant of anything less than a size six.

Singer-actress Raven-Symone

Singer-actress Raven-Symone

So when a star like Raven-Symoné, the former Cosby Show darling and current star of That’s So Raven, comes out and talks openly about how much flack she gets for being on the curvy side, it makes headlines. And what makes even further headlines is her recent union with product giant Dove, to build self-esteem in young girls through a series of workshops that the actress herself leads. (more…)