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Christina’s Weight Loss Story Continues on Rachael Ray

Christina on Rachael RayTune in to Rachael Ray this Friday, March 11 for the newest chapter in Christina’s weight loss story. Since the fall, The Rachael Ray Show has been following Christina, an 18-year-old high school student as she loses weight. Her goal is to lose 70 pounds by prom, which is now just four months away.

Christina has faced many challenges, and now she’s traveling across the country to a weight loss camp. She’s pushing herself harder than ever, and continues to be an inspiration.

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SlimDome on Rachael Ray

Rachael RayTune in to Rachael Ray this Thursday, March 10 to learn about the SlimDome. A machine that can get you to burn 600 calories in 40 minutes while lying down, the SlimDome is a cutting edge device that’s being used by celebrities. The machine uses carbon mats that heat up to 110 to 140 degrees. Fans of SlimDome say it also helps the body rid itself of toxins.

Dr. Ian takes a closer look at the benefits and dangers of the SlimDome, which some medical professionals worry can lead to dehydration. Others say it’s no replacement for proper exercise and that the machine only causes water loss.

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Men’s Health Editor David Zinczenko on Rachael Ray

Rachael RayTune in this Tuesday, March 1, to Rachael Ray for the behind-the-scenes of your favorite magazine columns. The guests will include David Zinczenko, the editor-in-chief of Men’s Health. Zinczenko is the author of the Eat This, Not That books and is one of the creators of The Abs Diet.

Zinczenko was recently criticized for re-publishing old Men’s Health articles under his own name, but we doubt that Rachael will be bringing that up on Tuesday’s show. Instead, he’ll be sharing a tips from Eat This, Not That. It may make you reconsider some of your favorite foods. Plus, get a great recipe for chicken with oranges macron almond rice.

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Get more great health and fitness advice from Men’s Health magazine here.

Lean Belly Prescription on the Rachael Ray Show

Rachel RayTune in to the Rachael Ray show for a fresh interview with Dr. Travis Stork, of The Doctors. Viewers will get the chance to enter to win his newest book, The Lean Belly Prescription.

The Lean Belly Prescription explores the concept of non-exercise aerobic thermogenesis, or NEAT, to help readers understand how to cut down on belly fat. The book recommends making small changes to your everyday routine that readers will be able to sustain. Belly fat has been linked to more diseases and health conditions than fat stored in other parts of the body, which is why trimming inches from your waistline may be important for your health–not just your figure.

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Suzanne Somers on the Rachael Ray Show

Tune in this Thursday, January 27 to the Rachael Ray Show when Suzanne Somers shares her secrets on how to stay sexy and beautiful as you age.

The 64-year-old beauty continues to turn heads with her amazing shape and her incredible zest for life and health. After beating breast cancer, Somers has been a passionate advocate for living a natural, holistic and balanced life. Now with her new Slim and Sexy Forever book and its complimentary online program, Sexy Forever, Somers is sharing her strategies, tips and plan for helping women over the age of 40 feel and look amazing. (more…)

Healthy Budget Eating with Rachael Ray on the Dr. Oz Show

Tune in this Thursday, January 27 to the Dr. Oz Show when superstar cook and talk-show host, Rachael Ray stops by to show you how to eat healthy on a budget.

On the show, Rachael gives you all the tools, tricks and recipes  you need to stretch your dollar but now your waistline. From the healthiest and cheapest foods to low calorie supermarket steals, even Dr. Oz will be blown away by Rachael’s savvy and economical healthy eating tips. (more…)

Bob Greene on the Rachael Ray Show

Tune in this Friday, January 21 to the Rachael Ray Show when Oprah’s fitness guru, Bob Greene stops by to share with you his surefire tips to keep your weight loss resolutions active in the New Year.

Bob will do something that not many health experts do: share his own daily food journal. By seeing what Bob eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you’ll get a sneak peek into what it’s really like to eat healthy and stay accountable to your health goals. (more…)

Carb Lovers Diet on the Rachael Ray Show

Update: This episode will air again on Tuesday, May 31 2011.

Tune in this Thursday, January 20 to the Rachael Ray Show to learn how the Carb Lover’s Diet can help you lose 40 pounds.

Prepare to be shocked as the creators of The Carb Lovers Diet share their strategy that includes eating pasta, bread and even dessert while following this healthy living and practical weight loss plan. Developed by the health experts of Health magazine, the Carb Lover’s Diet is a plan that makes High Resistant Starch carbs the cornerstone of the weight loss plan. They are your secret to losing weight without hunger or cravings. Resistant starch is a miracle ingredient found only in carbs like whole-grain pasta, sweet potatoes, legumes, bananas and more. (more…)

Bob Greene’s The Life You Want on the Rachael Ray Show

Oprah’s fitness trainer, Bob Greene is hitting the talk-show circuit hard this week promoting his new book, The Life You Want: Get Motivated, Lose Weight and Be Happy.

Tune in this Friday, January 21 to the Rachael Ray Show when Bob introduces Rachael’s audience to his newest health and wellness program.

Bob is best known for his BestLife program, a comprehensive approach to health and happiness. His popular program can be followed through his book as well as online. Bob goes way beyond just counting calories and clocking steps walked and instead helps you overcome the challenges that hold you back from achieving the life you dream of living.

The Life You Want is no different. In the book, Bob teams up with psychologist Anne Kearney-Cooke and nutritionist Janis Jibrin to help fans and readers change their mindset and finally lose weight. This book will help you dig down to the root of you weight problems, and overcome the barriers that have held you back in the past. (more…)

New Flat Belly Diet and the Best Infomercial Exercise Products on the Rachael Ray Show

UPDATE: This episode will air again on June 29th, 2011.

Tune in this Wednesday, January 5 to the Rachael Ray Show for her New Year’s Shape Up episode!

It’s time to shake off those holiday pounds and start your healthy resolutions. See which weight-loss infomercial products make the cut in Rachael’s own Biggest Loser challenge. Dr. Ian Smith stops by to put some of the most popular fitness products you see all over the television to the test.

Then, find out how to lose eight pounds in five days and cinch your waistline while eating bread, pasta and tacos with the New Flat Belly Diet. (more…)